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Find out where to eat, stay and play in Central America (Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador).

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8 Things to do in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

You might know that Costa Rica is a country where you can see all sorts of ecosystems, lots of different animal species, and beautiful black and white sanded beaches. The best part is that in some places you can see … Continue reading

The Top 5 Things to Do in Cahuita, Costa Rica

If you are a fan of light hiking along the beach and paths meandering along the coast or simply relaxing on a hammock by the beach, Cahuita may be what you need. The perfect place for that in Costa Rica … Continue reading

My List of the Best Things to Do in Antigua

The beautiful colonial city of Antigua and is located in the Central Region of Guatemala, it sits among three volcanoes (Acatenango, Fuego and Agua) and mountains that give it amazing views anywhere you look at. When you travel to Antigua … Continue reading

Discover Fun Facts and Many Great Reasons to Visit Guatemala

A lot of people ignore this small Central American country when they are planning their vacations, mainly because there isn’t enough information about Guatemala out there. And some of what is out there is just highlighting the bad things.  But … Continue reading

A List of the Top 10 Adventure Tours Costa Rica!

So you just decided that you want to go to Costa Rica, what’s the next step? Well, you start by looking at the different areas, looking for good hotels but most importantly you start deciding which of the adventure tours … Continue reading

Let’s Explore the Lake Atitlan Villages – Visit Guatemala

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala was formed many years ago, in fact, it is right on top of the crater of an old massive volcano. As the background you will see more volcanoes, steep mountains, and at least twelve beautiful villages. … Continue reading

5 of the Best National Parks of Costa Rica

The National Parks of Costa Rica, biological reserves, and wildlife refuges are over 25% of its territory. So narrowing down the best ones is an almost impossible task but most travelers seem to have voted with their visit to some … Continue reading

Guide to Visiting the Caves of Lanquin Guatemala

Lanquin National Park was one of the first protected areas and one of the top attractions in Guatemala. It is an enormous and beautiful complex with limestone formations of extraordinary beauty. Lanquin caves is also a sacred site used by … Continue reading

Travel Guide to Guatemala

Guatemala is full of cultural and natural diversity.  It is full of active volcanoes, big cities, jungles, black sanded beaches, a Mayan culture with over 20 languages and the remains of the Ancient Maya Civilization. What do you want to … Continue reading

Quick Travel Guide to Belize

Belize is the smallest of all the Central American countries. Here you will find Mayan archaeological sites, rain forests, lots of animal species, a unique culture with a deeply noticeable British influence and beautiful beaches. This is the only country … Continue reading

Travel Guide for Nicaragua

Nicaragua is Central America’s largest country. You will find it north of Costa Rica and south of Honduras with coasts on both sides, the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. Even though the country has suffered from a long history of … Continue reading

A Quick El Salvador Travel Guide

El Salvador is one of the smallest countries of Central America yet is full of adventure to discover. My family and I took the time to explore parts of the country and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now we want to share … Continue reading

Fun Facts About Monteverde Cloud Forest of Costa Rica

Monteverde is Costa Rica’s most important cloud forest. It is also one of the most popular touristic areas due to the fact that it is a gem for any nature lover looking to experience a tropical, cloud forest and to … Continue reading

Travel to Honduras – A Short Guide

Honduras is a Central American country with amazing islands on the Caribbean Sea known as the Bay Islands that are surrounded by the second largest Barrier coral reef in the world. It is also home to some of the most … Continue reading

A List of Animal Parks and Costa Rica Animal Rescue Centers

Costa Rica is teeming with rare, endangered and beautiful wildlife. But the reality is that hunting, poaching, and illegal animal trade exist here. The Costa Rican government is doing all it can to buckle down and catch the wrongdoers, but … Continue reading

Things To Do In Belize

As tiny as it may be, this country is so varied in terrain and activities that you can spend weeks here and never tire of all the fun things to do in Belize! 7 Things to Do in Belize: 1. … Continue reading

The Top Things to Do in Jaco, Costa Rica

Jaco is a beautiful beach town famous for its proximity to San Jose city. It is a paradise for travelers looking for some relax & luxury. There are tons of restaurants and hotels as well as some surf breaks. 17 … Continue reading

Laru Beya Resort in Placencia Belize – Luxury Hotel Review

Our absolute most favorite place while visiting Belize in the main mainland area was Placencia. This tiny village at the tip of the peninsula is known for two amazing things: 1. The Longest Beaches in Belize 2. The longest and … Continue reading

Caye Reef Hotel Family Review – Caye Caulker, Belize

“I wish I could have stayed here forever” Traveling has become almost a norm for my family and I. It’s true, I’m the one pushing everyone either in the car or plane, but when we get to the different locations … Continue reading

Glamping in Belize – Macal River Camp Hotel Review

When I originally made reservations for our lodging in Belize, in Chaa Creek specifically, I chose to stay at Macal River Camp for our whole stay. Knowing my kids, they would absolutely love camping and roughing it (to some degree). … Continue reading