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Find where you can eat, stay and play in Guatemala.

Sayaxché in Peten Guatemala

Sayaxché is a town, on the southern shore of Río La Pasión, in Peten Guatemala. This is the natural gateway for trips to the Mayan sites of Ceibal and the archaeological wonders hidden amid the lagoons and forests of the Petexbatún … Continue reading

Surfing in Guatemala

Guatemala has 150 miles of uncrowded, pristine and year-round surfable coastline has become known as Latin America’s last surfing frontier. With over 22 amazing breaks you can take surf lessons from El Paredón or Maya Extreme surf camps and become … Continue reading

Guatemala’s Escuintla Department

Escuintla is a Guatemalan Department located on the Southern Region of the country. This is where you will find attractions like Puesto San Jose and Puerto Quetzal. Mainly known because of the Pacaya Volcano. Another four-lane highway continues south from … Continue reading

Edible Tours – Eat Your Way through Guatemala

Guatemala’s diverse landscape and rich volcanic soil is perfect for a number of interesting food sources. That is why visiting a farm or plantation is one of those things to do in Guatemala that you can’t miss. For a fun … Continue reading

5 Places to Visit and 4 Things to Do in Retalhuleu, Guatemala

You will find the Retalhuleu department in the Pacific Coast of Guatemala. It is not very well known among travelers but it is a very important area for being a very rich for agricultural activities. But there are a couple … Continue reading

Guatemala Wildlife

Guatemala is a Central American country with many beautiful destinations which are also filled with an amazing amount of exotic species of animals. You can see most of them as you travel along on the northern area of the country. … Continue reading

Lanquin Caves of Guatemala

The Lanquin caves of Guatemala are a protected area formed by a huge complex of limestone caves. They are considered by Mayans as a sacred place (the entrance to the underworld), in fact they still carry on their rituals in … Continue reading

3 Tours You Don’t Want to Miss in Guatemala

When traveling to Guatemala you will find tons of natural beauties to visit, towns filled with history and a varied, vibrant culture. With so many interesting places to visit it is lamos imposible to explore everything in just one vacation. … Continue reading

3 Areas in Guatemala’s Pacific Coast you Gotta Check Out

This is the southern Coast of Guatemala and one of Guatemalan’s favorite areas to visit during vacations. It is basically a series of beaches and tiny beach towns. Monterrico Beach, the most popular of all, is where Chapines come to … Continue reading

Coffee Tours in Guatemala

Guatemala, bus especially Antigua are known around the world as one oF the best coffee producers. This is because of its climate caused by the elevation over sea level that it has. When you drive through Antigua’s surroundings you can … Continue reading

About Lodging in Antigua, Guatemala

I’m sure that if you are planning a trip to Guatemala you have definitely considered to travel to Antigua Guatemala. This beautiful, tiny colonial city is a place full of surprises. This is especially true when it comes to hotels. … Continue reading

5 Tips to Travel to Antigua on the Cheap

Antigua Guatemala is a small colonial city in Guatemala. It is very popular among travelers because of its beauties. It looks like tike hasn’t passed through its buildings. However as it happens in most major tourist attractions in Guatemala, things … Continue reading

How to Travel to Atitlan on the Cheap, Guatemala

If you are traveling to Guatemala you probably know that this country has one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The Atitlan Lake of Guatemala is sitting in the middle of three volcanoes and in the crater of … Continue reading

4 Things to do in Monterrico, Guatemala

Monterrico Guatemala  is a top beach destination of the country and the most popular beach among locals. It consists of a teeny tiny town with very limited accommodation options, some beachfront bars and a nearly deserted beach. However it has been quickly … Continue reading

About Coban Town and 7 Surrounding Places to Visit, Guatemala

Coban, Guatemala is quite known among travelers as the home base for their adventures in the region. It is also a very important social and commercial hub for all the surrounding towns, villages, and tourist destinations. Cobán is also the … Continue reading

3 Natural Beauties Close to the Lanquin Village, Guatemala

Lanquin is a small indigenous & colorful town located in the Alta Verapaz Department, Central Highlands of Guatemala. Although it is the closest town to the super popular caves of Lanquin Guatemala it hasn’t grown that much and you won’t … Continue reading

Xocomil Water Park, Guatemala

Xocomil is a big water park, the biggest of Guatemala. It is part of IRTRA, and organization created by big corporations in the country for the recreations of all workers. They own a compound of theme parks and water parks … Continue reading

Family Getaway In Izabal Guatemala

Izabal Guatemala is the country’s only outlet to the Caribbean Sea. It is not very popular among travelers, and I wouldn’t recommend it to be you main destination in the country but if you have extra time it is definitely … Continue reading

Guatemala’s Largest Lake – Izabal Lake

This is known as the country’s largest lake and is located on the Caribbean region of Guatemala. It is right in the middle of an isolated, stunningly beautiful, forested section of the country, which has only recently been discovered by … Continue reading

4 Unexpected Adventures for the Family in Guatemala City

Guatemala City is not in most travelers mind whent they think of traveling to Guatemala. But it can be a fun place for families, there are many family oriented places to visit. I was not a fan of this city … Continue reading

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