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Find where you can eat, stay and play in Guatemala.

Guatemala Daily Photo – No Guns and Pets Allowed

This sign is at the entrance of a super family-friendly auto-safari in Guatemala.It reads: Guns and Pets Prohibited Entrance

Relocating – Secret of Rental Fees in Antigua Guatemala

Like everything in Guatemala, negotiating and bargaining is part of the game. This is soooooooo different than Costa Rica. No one bargains here at all. I mean, even when you buy a piece of property where negotiating and lowering the … Continue reading

Relocating – Real Estate – House Hunting in Antigua, Guatemala

I had two main goals when I arrived to Guatemala for my solidifying-our-move trip. 1. Schools for my son. Which after going through a number of schools we did find a (cross-your-fingers) decent bilingual school. 2. A house to live … Continue reading

Relocating – Looking for the Best Health Club in Antigua Guatemala

I’m not like a die-hard workout freak, but I do love my time at the gym. So, while we’re in Guatemala I had to be sure I’ll have A gym! Antigua is a large, yet very small city with few … Continue reading

Phone Napping, Extortion and Other Unexpected Misadventures in Guatemala

Since being in Guatemala it’s been a race against time to get as much accomplished as possible. In between the running around we want to make this transition for our son as smooth as possible, which usually involves gifts of … Continue reading

Relocating – After School Activities for Kids in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua is extremely peculiar in some ways. In particular, the school systems don’t think that mothers work. Every single school in the area ends at noon. So my question is constantly: What do you do with the kids after noon? … Continue reading

Relocating – Day Care Centers in Antigua Guatemala

Day Cares seem to be the secret movement around Antigua. For one, everyone says that they exist, but no one has any idea where to begin looking for one. After asking every person on the street and checking out the … Continue reading

Relocating – Finding a Good School

The pressure’s on! I gotta pick the right school for my 5 year old before moving to Guatemala, or he might just have the worse adult life and I’ll be 100% to blame. Maybe not! But sometimes I certainly feel … Continue reading

Relocating – Where To Live in Guatemala?

Unlike most expats who usually have to relocate with a set location, unless they are enjoying the good life of moving from place to place, I have somewhat of a leeway of where to go in Guatemala. The main reason … Continue reading

Relocating – Relocating from Costa Rica to Guatemala

As most of you have figured out I’m about to relocate from Costa Rica, my home for the past 6 years, to Guatemala. I know this sounds romantic and fun and adventurous. To an extent it is. However, when I … Continue reading

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Read what my clients have said about my services, the fantastic tour operators I work with, hotels and everything Costa Rica! Family Vacation Testimonials Vacation Testimonials Romantic Getaway, Honeymoon and Anniversary Testimonials

Foodies Delight

Please sign up for my RSS feed and find me on twitter @marinavillatoro Whenever I am about to travel to a new place, I always love to cook up some of their native dishes. They are a fun activity of … Continue reading

Romantic Getaway, Honeymoon and Anniversary Testimonials

Romantic Vacation Testimonial – Sarah and Al Costa Rica was good to us , beautiful nature, swimming in Water fall , hiking , strong bridges , exciting zip-lines ( for whom they can be exciting , not for me) , … Continue reading

Vacation Testimonials

Solo Trip Testimonial – Simon Grant It could not have been better. Everything went to plan. Girls Getaway Testimonial – Gregory Vette Personally for me, the trip was wonderful. Great tours. Vacation Testimonial – Genevieve and John THANK YOU! so … Continue reading

Family Vacation Testimonials

Family Vacation Testimonial – Leslie and Roger Baker We had a wonderful trip to Costa Rica last summer and we greatly appreciate all of your help planning. Family Vacation Testimonial – Charles and Jules Clarion Thanks for all your help. … Continue reading

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