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Find where you can eat, stay and play in Guatemala.

Picture This! Abandoned House on a Deserted Island

Abandoned House on a Deserted Island, Punta Manabique, Guatemala For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Picture This! Butcher Shop

Butcher Shop in Antigua, Guatemala For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Where To Get Panines in Antigua, Guatemala

It’s hard not to get into the Panini trend. They seem to be everywhere. However, at this point I’ve had quite a few different ones and I have to say the ones on a French Baguette seem to be my … Continue reading

Have You Ever Tried a Nahgra? – Things to Do in Antigua, Guatemala

First of all, I bet you’re asking – What is a Nahgra? Let’s begin with a quick definition and explanation. Nahgra – Kinesi Therapy machine was invented by a Korean martial arts scientist, Dr. Charles Kwak. This unique system implements … Continue reading

Picture This! – Relics in a Traditional Restaurant

1800’s relics in Don Rodrigo Restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Getting Away with the Girls and (way too many) Kids

My girlfriends and I decided to take a trip together to Lake Atitlan. Traveling with kids at it’s finest! I found a lovely hotel, Posada de Santiago, comprised of cottages for all of us to have separate ones, but my … Continue reading

Do You Know French Cuisine? I Learned at Bistrot Cinq in Antigua, Guatemala

I have very little experience in French Cuisine, so dragged my husband for a taste test. He has even less experience, if that’s possible. The extent of my knowledge of French food is French Onion Soup, duck, Escargot, lots of … Continue reading

Meditation Class for Kids

My seven year old boy is what you can categorize as a hyper active, extremely energetic kid who can barely sit still for 1 minute. I have no complaints about this (most of the time). However, I was truly intrigued … Continue reading

Picture This! – Antigua At Night

Antigua, Guatemala during the Twilight hours! For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

A New Restaurant in Town – Santo Domingo Del Cerro!

I’m not one of those people that run to every opening of every new restaurant, but some of them I just have to check out. Especially if they are family friendly and have something new to offer, since it feels … Continue reading

Baby Development Class – A Great Way to Connect

I am a work at home mom. Which in many cases sounds great, but honestly it’s a lot harder to do since your children are around the house all day and don’t understand why their mommy prefers to be at … Continue reading

Picture This! Shaman Practices

Traditional Mayan Ceremony, Antigua Guatemala For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Private Romantic Dinner for Two!

Years ago I remembered my sister in law had a super romantic engagement. It was before I was living here, but I specifically recalled it was in Antigua and her fiance reserved a section of a restaurant. Feeling romantic and … Continue reading

Guatemala In All Its Glory

For a truly unique, adventurous and let’s face it, once in a life time experience, look not further than Guatemala. An abundance of stunning mountains, rich Mayan history and valleys of volcanoes can all be found on one of Latin … Continue reading

Beef Bourguignon – A Fancy Name For Beef Stew

I was a vegetarian for many many years, even a vegan for 6 years but slowly as I started producing babies, my body has been asking for protein other than soy. I have even started to venture out to fancy … Continue reading

Anyone Up for a Canopy Tour in Guatemala?

Have you ever flown through the air like a bird looking down at the forest around you? If you haven’t then I suggest you get yourself to a canopy tour in Guatemala right now! We did just that and it … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Interesting Facts – Where to Go in Guatemala

Guatemala, the country of eternal spring, Mayan Indians, active volcanoes and amazing landscapes. This country will fulfill every visitors experience and leave them wanting to come back for more. Get more detailed information about places to go and things to … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Interesting Facts – San Pedro la Laguna, Lake Atitlan Area – Guatemala

This is an indigenous town around the Atitlan Lake. It is such a wonderful place for travelers that many stay for months. It offers a beautiful setting with the lake and San Pedro Volcano as the background. Because of the … Continue reading

7 Facts about Tikal

Tikal is a beautiful Mayan City, one of Guatemala’s most important Touristic destinations and a place very closet to my heart. It’s such an interesting place filled with history and information, so I decided to share with you 7 facts … Continue reading

Travel Experta’s Interesting Facts – Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala

On the southwest shore of Lake Atitlán, nestled between the volcanic cones of San Pedro, Atitlán and Tolimán, is the lakeside village Santiago Atitlán. Constructed by the Maya in the image of the world as they believed it to exist, … Continue reading

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