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Find out where to eat, stay and play when visiting Antigua, Guatemala.

Perfect Day In Antigua – 5 Must Do’s

Antigua Guatemala is known as one of the most beautiful places in Guatemala. It is a small city with a colonial architecture and cobblestoned streets. It was once the capital city of all of Central America and is now the … Continue reading

About Lodging in Antigua, Guatemala

I’m sure that if you are planning a trip to Guatemala you have definitely considered to travel to Antigua Guatemala. This beautiful, tiny colonial city is a place full of surprises. This is especially true when it comes to hotels. … Continue reading

5 Tips to Travel to Antigua on the Cheap

Antigua Guatemala is a small colonial city in Guatemala. It is very popular among travelers because of its beauties. It looks like tike hasn’t passed through its buildings. However as it happens in most major tourist attractions in Guatemala, things … Continue reading

4 Restaurants of Antigua Guatemala for Families

There are many things to do in Antigua Guatemala, it might be a tiny city, but it is filled with a lot of culture & history. It is also a place filled with great restaurants & bars for all tastes … Continue reading

4 Things to do in Antigua Guatemala and It’s Surroundings

Going to Antigua Guatemala is something you have to do when you visit Guatemala. It has so many great things and places to offer. There are tons of great restaurants, lots of fun bars, hotels that go from $5 a … Continue reading

What you Get When you Travel To Antigua Guatemala

The beautiful colonial city of Antigua and is located in the Central Region of Guatemala, it sits among three volcanoes (Acatenango, Fuego and Agua) and mountains that give it amazing views anywhere you look at. When you travel to Antigua … Continue reading

Sky Cafe Review in Antigua, Guatemala – Video of the Week

Antigua is full of great restaurants. Sky Cafe is known for the great views and fun atmosphere for the family. For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Hotels in Antigua Guatemala – D’Leyenda Boutique Hotel

The secret is ‘almost’ out. Among the Hotels in Antigua Guatemala there is an unbelievably lovely, super affordable, very central hotel that is a must visit! D’Leyenda Hotel, a six room, hotel is located half a block from the Central … Continue reading

Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Antigua, Guatemala – Photo Essay

No other place on Earth has spectacular carpets such as Antigua, Guatemala for Semana Santa – Holy Week (Easter Week). Watching families and Guatemalans all join forces to make huge, colorful, highly artistic carpets and watch the processions walk over … Continue reading

A Traditional Bed and Breakfast in Antigua Guatemala – Chez Daniel

Few places through out Central America can fall into the category of a B&B. And let me tell you, I’m a huge fan of Bed and Breakfasts. It’s usually my chosen mode of traveling throughout the United States and whenever … Continue reading

A Unique Cafe in a Parisian Style – Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua is famous for it’s hidden finds. Either a great restaurant that is tucked in some corner or a hotel that looks tiny and opens up into a huge place with a courtyard. We just happened to ‘happen upon’ a … Continue reading

Secret Rooms and Traditional Food of the Incas- Only In Antigua

For the past few months, I’ve passed Inca Restaurant on many occasions. Each time I tugged on my husband’s shirt and said – “We have to try this place out, it looks fantastic!” But, as we all know, life gets … Continue reading

Antigua Guatemala Hotels – Cute and Adorable Hotel Casa Cristina

There are many good Antigua Guatemala Hotels of all sizes and kinds. Living here I have discovered many different options worth checking out. Hotel Casa Cristina is an adorable, quaint hotel in Antigua Guatemala. You will find it in Barrio … Continue reading

Antigua, Guatemala – Photo Essay

Antigua, Guatemala is the last TRUE colonial town left in all of Latin America. It still stands intact from the day that the Spaniards arrived and called it the capital of Central America. With it’s cobble-stoned streets, colorful houses and … Continue reading

Antigua Canopy Tour, Guatemala – Photo Essay

Canopy tours are great, however, it’s all about the scenery and not all places can provide that. However, 5 minutes from Antigua, Guatemala you can get a serious canopy ride with great scenery in the middle of a forest on … Continue reading

Semana Santa in Antigua, Guatemala – Video of the Week

Semana Santa in Antigua Guatemala is the most amazing celebration of Easter week in the world. With beautiful carpets, procession and activities it’s a can’t-miss event! For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Santo Domingo in Antigua, Guatemala – Video of the Week

Santo Domingo Hotel in Antigua Guatemala is considered one of the most luxurious and unique hotels in Latin America. It has ruins and museums with a delicious restaurant. For More Great Info Get Your Book NOW! .

Salsa Dance Classes in Antigua, Guatemala – Video of the Week

Antigua, Guatemala is considered the capital for Salsa Dance classes in Central America. And it’s not only for adults, kids will have a blast learning how to move their hips and get in step with their partners (even if it … Continue reading

Kids Restaurant – The Only Kid Run Restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala

Eating out for me is about the experience. Anyone can go to any old restaurant, but how about trying something totally new and different! Living in Antigua, I can say we have tried 90% of the restaurants here. It was … Continue reading

Guatemalan Typical Food Fair – Disorder At It’s Best

Every country boasts it’s typical food. Guatemala is no different. We had a food fair where the majority of the restaurants of Antigua got together and put out their best Guatemalan Typical food dishes. Get more fun information about the … Continue reading

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