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Top 4 Highly Recommended Destinations to Go Scuba Diving

The underwater is like a whole new world that has captured the interest of a lot of scuba divers around the world. It is not just a hobby for an adventurous soul but a way of discovering new things and lifeforms that are rare and totally fascinating. One thing divers have in common is that most of them go to lengths to find the best diving spots around the world. If you are an avid diver and looking for your next destination, check out these 4 highly recommended sites for your next scuba adventure. Four Destinations to Go Scuba Diving from all over the world according to experts and adventurers. Learn about Destinations to Go Scuba Diving in Central America here.

Destinations to Go Scuba Diving

Top 4 Destinations to Go Scuba Diving


One thing Thailand is known for is its beautiful beach destinations that are Hollywood worthy. It’s not only the beauty on land that they boast but they also have a number of beautiful dive sites particularly in Phuket, Similan Islands, and Ko Tao among others. The best ones while also being the cheapest are in the latter two where they also offer diving lessons for newbies. This is definitely a great place to go and have a vacation that allows you a great exploration underwater. 


As a scuba diver, one of the destinations you should have on your bucket list is the longest reef in the world which can be found in Australia. It is true that the Great barrier Reef needs no fancy introduction due to how famous it is not just to divers but to tourists and other explorers alike. You have to see this place and explore its depth as soon as you can because climate change is taking a toll on it causing it to slowly diminish and get altered. Better go have a dip while you still can. 

Destinations to Go Scuba Diving


The Blue Hole in Belize is familiar to a lot of people and not just divers because of how widely circulated its pictures are on the internet. It is not just a world-famous dive site but a natural wonder as well. In diving in what is considered to be one of the best diving sites in the world, you should make a list of all scuba gear you might need to help you get to fully experience the crystal-clear waters of this hole. It literally is a marine sinkhole with an opening that goes more than 120 meters deep. 


Hawaii is an archipelago that houses the largest marine reserve in the United States. It is not just famous for its beaches and unique culture but it is also a great place to dive given the number of islands in this state. Mostly known as a vacation hub, there are actually so many underrated diving spots that can be found here, especially for beginners who are looking for some fresh experience. 

Diving is a great way to explore places where different creatures can be found. It is a whole new experience which is why a lot of divers are getting hooked. Aside from exploring the underseas, you also get to see these beautiful destinations around the world. 

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