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Breathtaking Must See Destinations in Asia

The mysterious eastern continent hides a lot of beauty and a lot of great sights that have to be experienced and enjoyed on the spot, not in pictures or stories. Traveling to Asia is not an easy thing to do and while there are a lot of choices in regards to destinations and resorts, the best ones are the ones that take your breath away but give you great memories in return.Five of the best places to visit when you travel to Asia.Take a look at this article to learn all about destinations in Asia.

Destinations in Asia

However not all Asian destinations are like that. Without proper planning, chances are you might wind in a place that, while entertaining in its own right, does not scratch that special sightseeing itch. If you are planning on spending your vacation in Asia, here are some of the most beautiful and breathtaking destinations that you might enjoy.

What’s interesting about this place is the fact that it combines soft comfortable luxury provided by hotels and resorts with a rugged and timeworn exterior provided by all the temples and beaches that it sports. All that contrast is neatly wrapped in some of the greatest sights that you can imagine.

Tropical flora, always blooming over the irregular hills and terrain formations, light blue water streaming through the countryside uncontested and a thin layer of mist rising above the mountains every morning.

One of the best ways to enjoy the scenery that Bali is known for is to view it through some of the best birding binoculars on the market so that you can appreciate every detail with great clarity while keeping your distance.

This is the place that most of us thought could only exist in movies!

The very first thing that will hit you is the fact that the entire place looks like it is suddenly rising out of the sea. Mountains, hills, steep cliffs, all of them just rising out of the water without any actual transitional terrain. Beaches are rather rare, to begin with, and the main way of getting around is via motorboat.

A slightly more interesting aspect of this destination is the fact that the city itself is rather calm and relaxing during the day, however, as soon as the sun goes down it explodes into a wild nightlife scene.

The one thing you should watch out for if you decide to visit, is the food, especially if you don’t really have a high tolerance for fish to begin with.

While the vast majority of scenery that it provides has something to do with the city itself, the actual positioning of the city itself makes things especially breathtaking.

If you happen to opt for a room on a very high floor, you might be lucky enough to have a great view towards both the bay and the mainland, giving you the option to enjoy a rather odd but beautiful sunrise every morning.

The areas around the city are also very interesting to see, mostly because everything is either a national park or a natural reserve in some way, so the areas are protected from industrial exploitation. This, in turn, makes it possible for you to experience a bit of everything from wildlife reserves to botanical gardens, natural sanctuaries, and even retreats.

This destination is one that you will have to visit at least once in your lifetime because it combines 2 different elements of Asian life into one single place.

On one hand, you have the fast pace hassle and accelerated rhythm of Asian life. The streets are always crowded, there are lots of traffic jams, people carrying excessive loads on bicycles, a lot of activity everywhere you look. While this might sound unappealing, it does have its quaint little charm.

On the other hand, it has some of the calmest and most serene countrysides that you can imagine. Everything from organized expansive rice fields, to wide flowing rivers, isolated temples, and villages built directly on the rivers themselves like an Asian version of Venice.

Combine these 2 parts together and you get Hanoi, so if you do happen to find yourself heading there for your next vacation, make sure to take both sides in for the full experience.

Ok, you will have to venture a little bit further away from the mainland for this one, however, it is well worth it.

Kyoto was the epicenter of Japan during some of the most important periods in its history, and this is reflected through the architecture of the buildings and temples that populate the landscape. Everywhere you look you can find the influences, scenery, and sights that you would expect in historical Japanese times.

Giant bamboo forests, lush gardens, temples towering menacingly over wild forests, calm and serene rivers and pools being as common as cherry blossom petals.

The city itself is nothing to be ashamed of either. It has a lot of scenic and historical places that are worth visiting as well as a lot of places where you can unwind and taste the good life in a more traditional Japanese manner.

All in all, it is the best place that you can choose if you want to explore traditional Japanese scenery and take in the atmosphere that the famous samurai warriors took in a few hundred years ago.

In Conclusion
There are a lot of destinations in Asia that you can visit if you are looking for great sights to take in and great scenery to capture.

Remember that there are quite a few things to consider if you want to spend your vacation in Asia, so make sure that you do your research properly once you decide on a destination so that you are prepared for anything and everything that it has to offer.

As long as you have a good idea of what you are looking for and as long as you put in the time to research your options properly, you will undoubtedly find the destination that you are looking for and you will be on your way to spend your vacation there.

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