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Denver Nightlife: The Splendor of the Mile High City

Welcome to the Mile High City – where you’re always on top of the world. Most newcomers to Denver assume that the city got its nickname because of the stunningly tall Rocky Mountains that surround the city. In reality, it’s simply the most accurate nickname around. Denver is precisely one mile above sea level, which means that if you choose to adventure into the nearby Rockies, you’ll be feeling the effects of thinner air. Note: although everyone who is vacationing in Denver should take an afternoon to explore a sliver of the 383,000-mile long Rocky Mountain range, it’s not an activity that should be done at night. Similarly, the Denver Zoo is an impressive place, but the staff frowns on people sneaking in after dark. But since we’re mostly going to be talking about nightlife in Denver, it seems reasonable to at least provide you with a couple of kid-friendly places to check out in the daytime. Anyway, let’s get down to business: these are the best venues for having a rockin’ night out in Denver.Denver Nightlife and for ways that you can enjoy it as a traveler.Take a look at this article to learn more about Denver Nightlife.

Denver Nightlife

All About Denver Nightlife

Larimer Square

The Mile High City is also quite a large city. Exploring the entirety of Denver in one weekend isn’t feasible. So let’s narrow our search. You can’t go wrong starting out your Denver adventure with an evening in Larimer Square. This two-block section of Downtown Denver has nearly a dozen shops and boutiques operating out of the most antiquated buildings in Denver. History buffs and shopaholics alike will appreciate what Larimer Square has to offer. Perhaps the best part about strolling through Larimer Square is that it can be as inexpensive or as fancy an experience as you want. Enjoy the setting and history for free, but there’s no end to the cool knick knacks you can pick up in the stores operating out of Larimer Square. There are even dance halls and restaurants fit snugly into this bustling Denver hub!

Denver Center for the Performing Arts

Denver is a lot of things. A state capital, a popular tourist destination, and a beautiful city. One thing we don’t think of the Mile High City as being is dramatic. But wait! It can be! At the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, drama is the name of the game. After all, we’re talking about the second-largest performing arts center in the entire world! Featuring 10 different performance spaces, the Denver Center is capable of hosting shows for comedians, singers, dancers, actors, and more, all at the same time. In addition to being a great spot to check out local talent, the Center acts as one of the preferred stopping points for Broadway shows. See how your vacation schedule lines up with the Center’s performing arts schedule, and enjoy the show! This is a popular attraction, so you’d do well to buy your tickets in advance.

Stranahan’s Whiskey Tour

Stranahan’s offers tours during the day as well as at night, but the tour is most fun when it takes place during a socially acceptable time for drinking. With that in mind, book yourself an evening tour! There’s nothing like the zing of a fresh malt whiskey making its way down to your stomach to be contentedly digested. Distilleries can be found all over the United States, of course, but Stranahan’s is one of the largest in Colorado, so you get to see all the machinery on an impressive scale. The Stranahan’s Whiskey Tour gets you an up close and personal look at the behind-the-scenes distillation process. The best part? You get to taste three (hopefully) delicious whiskey samples during the tour. To top it off, Stranahan’s provides everyone who comes on one of their tours with a personalized shot glass!

Bad Axe Throwing

Do you have an innate need to hurl large blades at thick wooden targets? If you’re Charles Barkley, Hugh Jackman, or one of any number of notable celebrities who have visited the Mile High City’s most unusual attraction, the answer is a resounding yes. Any activity that’s good enough for Wolverine is good enough for us, right? And look, the reality is that you knew just by reading the title “Bad Axe Throwing” whether this was something you wanted to do. When it comes to throwing axes, it’s best to trust your gut. Unless your gut is full of whiskey from Stranahan’s and is telling you to try to take someone’s arm off with your axe, in which case you should do your best to ignore it. I can’t stress this last point enough – alcohol and axes are not a good mix…

Now, the last thing you need to decide is where you’re going to stay in the Mile High City. Hotels? Suave travel apartments? Perhaps you want to go camping or glamping in Denver? Ultimately, the choice will come down to you and yours. No matter what you decide, the Mile High City is looking forward to keeping you feeling on top of the world for however long you’re there.

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