5 Expert Dental Precautions for Travelers 2024

5 Expert Dental Precautions for Travelers 2024
Avoid any dental travel disasters with adequate planning and in this case, it means, taking adequate dental care precautions. Learn what to do below.

Much of the thrill of travel comes from exploring new places and from discovering entirely different cultures. However, aside from culture shock, you don’t want to have to deal with any other kind of shock – especially, discovering that you have to deal with an unexpected dental emergency far from home. Most people tend to dismiss such concerns as trivial or unlikely, but data suggests otherwise.

One study found that dental health problems were the most common concern, after diarrhea, among UK’s Voluntary Service Oversees (VSO) personnel serving in developing countries. Similarly, a travel insurance company report showed that over 8 percent of its travel insurance claims were related to dental conditions. You can avert such travel disasters with adequate planning and in this case, it means, taking adequate dental care precautions. 

Travelling away is refreshing for the mind, body and soul.

But emergencies can happen anytime when on travel. Be prepared!

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1. Schedule A Dental Appointment Before You Make Travel Plans

Yes, you read that right. Your dental appointment should ideally be at least a month or two before you will travel, as this will allow not just a thorough dental examination, but it will also leave adequate time for any follow-up treatment if there is a condition that needs to be dealt with.

For example, procedures such as root canals or tooth extraction can have longer waiting times and require multiple sessions. Additionally, your dentist will be able to offer guidance on dental care while traveling, along with personalized recommendations based on your health.

2. Cultivate Oral Hygiene Routines Now

Don’t wait until your vacation to start with an oral hygiene routine. This is important at all times, not just when you vacation and it will also be easier to follow while traveling if it’s already a part of your daily life. For most of us, this means brushing twice a day or after every meal, flossing regularly, and using mouthwash.

If you have any dental health condition, your dentist may also suggest prescription mouthwashes or gels. Following this kind of routine while traveling will significantly minimize the risk of any dental health complications. 

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3. Create Your Own Dental Care Travel Kit

Your dental kit should include travel-sized toothpaste, a toothbrush with a cover, dental floss, and a small bottle of mouthwash. Additionally, pack a travel-sized container of pain reliever in case of toothaches or discomfort. If you have specific dental health conditions such as gum disease or sensitivity, include products prescribed for you, along with the prescriptions.

People who use braces would also need to pack orthodontic wax, an interdental brush, or a water flosser to effectively clean around brackets and wires. Better still, consider getting invisible braces as this simplifies oral hygiene significantly. This may not be an option for everyone, so discuss it with your dentist first. 

5 Expert Dental Precautions for Travelers 2024
Maintaining good fluid intake and chewing on gum will help to keep your mouth moist and stimulate saliva production, protecting against dry mouth and halitosis, while lowering the risk of bacterial buildup and tooth decay.

4. Hydrate And Eat Smart

Whenever you’re traveling, carry enough water and an oral rehydration solution, as well as some ADA-approved sugarless gum. Maintaining good fluid intake and chewing on gum will help to keep your mouth moist and stimulate saliva production, protecting against dry mouth and halitosis, while lowering the risk of bacterial buildup and tooth decay.

Additionally, it’s advisable to avoid certain types of food that are high in sugar or stick to the teeth, as they can increase the risk of dental problems such as cavities. Opting for nutritious snacks like fresh fruits and vegetables will also minimize the risk of dental problems while keeping you nourished. 

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5. Research Local Dental Care

It’s important to always be prepared for medical emergencies in case of accidents, and this means learning about local health facilities, including dental clinics. Learning about dental treatment options in your travel destination is especially important if you already suffer from a dental condition or have any chronic condition such as diabetes that increases the risk of dental health complications.

You can start by searching online for dental clinics or practitioners in the area you plan to visit, and read reviews from previous patients to gauge their reputation and quality of service. As an added precaution, reach out to clinics to inquire about appointment availability, pricing, and any specific dental needs you may have.

Although you may be tempted to overlook or ignore some of these dental precautions, taking these steps is worth the trouble. They may require some amount of time and a little extra effort, but they’ll give you peace of mind while traveling, to ensure that your travel actually helps you unwind. 

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Last Updated on April 5, 2024

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