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A Defintive Guide To Buying Instant Camping Tents

A Defintive Guide To Buying Instant Camping Tents

Instant camping tents will make the experience a delightful activity for a group of friends, a couple, or even the whole family. But since it involves spending nights outdoors in the countryside or forests, you need equipment for shelter as well as for sleeping at night. So how do you choose the ideal shelter to meet all your needs? There are a number of considerations that you need to make. In this guide, we not only list but also explain the 4 important features to consider when buying instant camping tents for outdoor enjoyment.

The information below will help you decide on which tent above you require when camping outdoors.

What to consider while buying Instant Camping Tents?

  1. Tent Sleeping Capacity

In choosing instant camping tents, the first thing that you need to consider is the size of your group and whether you may need extra space for gear, a dog, or additional friends or not. However, you need to remember that there is no industry standard for the per-person dimension of tents.

When examining instant camping tents capacity ratings, we advise you this: Just assume a close fit. In case you want more room for your tent, try up-sizing the capacity of your shelter by one person, especially if you or the people you will be sharing the tent with:

  • Happen to be large people
    • Toss and turn when sleeping
    • Are claustrophobic
    • Will be bringing along a dog or a child
  1. Water Resistance

A Defintive Guide To Buying Instant Camping Tents

How instant camping tents handle moisture, whether outside or inside, is among the most critical factors that you need to pay attention to when purchasing a camping tent. Rain can still become an unpleasant surprise even where there is no likelihood of it raining during the camping trip, which is why it needs to be designed for rain. It is recommended to go for a seam-taped product that also has a waterproof top, as these will prevent leaks effectively. The floor should also be waterproof as well, with waterproofing treatment reaching roughly 4-6 inches up its sides. This way, it will prevent the rainwater from getting inside the sleeping area through the edges and soaking items and people inside.

Another issue can be condensation. This can make it damps and subsequently uncomfortable for people inside, and may even damage items if not aired out properly the next day. To prevent this problem, go for double-walled camping equipment with a ventilated rain fly. Instant camping tents containing an awning let the door be partially unzipped to allow better airflow, especially during a rain shower.

  1. Easy Transportation & Setup

In case you want to get to your destination by other means apart from driving, you will need to go for a smaller and lighter instant camping tent with a room just enough for sleeping. For example, if you will be mountain-biking, kayaking, or hiking to the site of the camping, you won’t want being also burdened with a heavy tent. You may also want to divide your tent among the group members so that everyone contributes to the carrying of the tent and that it is not just left to one person.

Many four-season tents are sure to be heavier compared to three-season or summer tents, but the weight difference has become less with the development of designs and new materials. Generally, fiberglass tent poles tend to be heavier but also stronger. On the other hand, aluminum poles are lightweight but don’t last as long as fiberglass poles. Nylon tent fabrics are mostly lighter than polyester fabrics, but they don’t give a similar UV resistance level. Where weight is a serious issue, consider buying a nylon tent and aluminum poles. But these will only work if the tents will not be exposed to storms and heavy winds. If your plan is to hike to the campsite, you need to consider buying a backpacking tent that is small. This is designed to be compact but durable.

In order to determine that the tent you want to buy can be set up easily, go to the internet and read the reviews posted by users on the style and brand of tent that you want. Other camper’s candid opinions can help you make a better decision and choose the right tent. Read the reviews on instant camping tents before you purchase on TOPREVIEWSADVISOR .

  1. Affordability

Your budget for the tent should be determined by how frequently you will be camping, as well as the level of comfort you want while camping. If you intend to camp frequently, you will want to buy more durable camping tents that can meet all your camping needs. It should also be designed for the terrain and weather the tents will encounter. But if you rarely camp, there is no need for the more expensive tents that are available.

In general, large cabin tents tend to be costlier, although they offer more room for accommodation to a group, including high ceilings and windows. Some of these even contain multiple rooms and will generally work well for extended camping excursions in mild weather. Many campers like dome tents because of their affordable price range coupled with excellent stability. Screen tents, on the other hand, are fairly cheap and will shelter you from insects, light rain, and sun. The problem is that they are not designed for sleeping, but for people enjoying a game or a meal.

Other considerations for instant camping tents:

  • Ventilation

Mesh panels tend to be used indoors, windows, and ceilings of tents. This not only enables but also enhances cross-ventilation to help in managing condensation. If you intend to camp in hot and humid climates, you should go for larger mesh panels.

  • Interior Pockets and Loops

At the top-center of tents, there is a lantern loop that is usually put there to hang a lantern. Loops found on the interior walls are also used to attach mesh shelves to ensure that small items are kept off the tent floor. In the same way, interior pockets are likely to keep your tent more organized.

  • Dividers

Larger instant camping tents provide a way to divide the interior so that you can have a sleeping area and a changing area and/or a place to play games when it’s raining outside. Those with children may like this to separate their children.


Tents are basically a home away from home when enjoying the great outdoors. But since there are so many types out there, it becomes a challenge to find the right one that meets your needs. With the information above, you will no doubt be better equipped at making the right decision for you and your family. Instant camping tents will make your setup quick and less stressful.

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