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Deep Sea Fishing Fun or Not




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Today’s episode, we’re going to talk about deep sea fishing. Are you ready to make every day an adventure? Let’s begin. So I’ll be honest with you, I am not a big fan of fishing. And when I was younger, around 10-11 years old, I was known as a tomboy. I used to fish with everybody, rip those worms apart, and go fishing. I really enjoyed it. But as I got older, I also became a vegan. Vegetarian, vegan and whatnot. So for me, fishing, however, deep sea fishing, especially for sports fishing, especially in Central America. 

At this point, we were living in Costa Rica and we had good friends that own sports. Deep sea fishing, I guess you call it operator or yeah, they had their own boat, they operated. It was a really cool thing and they invited us to go out. Normally these types of tours are like between $$4 to $800 per day. So we’re like, yeah, why not? And it’s a catch and release. He totally does not believe in catching and not releasing. So that was a really big thing. So we went on this boat. I have to say it was definitely exciting because the majority of fishing is being out in the water and it can get quite boring.

So we ended up catching a massive fish and it is it’s super exciting.

But I’ll be honest with you, for me, I don’t think I will ever.

Ever do that again. Even with the catch and release, you do end up ripping their face with a hook.

I mean, it is pretty gruesome even though they do stay alive.

But they’re damaged and traumatized.

But if you’re really into that.

I would recommend looking into the trustworthy ones, the ones that do catch and release.

Because there are a lot that do.

The ones that are shady and sketchy, they don’t. It is completely illegal for the most part. So you need to do your homework because you as a tourist knowingly went into this tour operation will have to pay massive fines. So please be aware of all of those different things before you actually pay the money and get on with a trustworthy unit. All right, thanks everybody. Now if you want some ideas for making every day an adventure, I’ve got a ton for free. You can download an awesome list with at least 365 days and a lot more. Go to or Travel expert with an a dot com and you can download it all.

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