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How to Decide if a Yachting Holiday is for You

You might always have enjoyed taking a vacation on the open road, but how about if your next break was based on the open water? You might have considered taking a cruise, or hiring a motorboat while on your vacation, but what if you could charter your own yacht and decide exactly where you want to go? It sounds like the stuff of dreams, but a yachting holiday could be an affordable alternative for you and your family.All of the perks of going on a Yachting holiday for your next vacation.Take a look at this article to learn about Yachting holiday.

Yachting Holiday

Chartering a yacht is a great way to get your entire clan involved and engaged, not to mention you will be treated like royalty by a professional crew while onboard, there to attend to your every need and whim. So if you are looking for a truly unique vacation experience, then don’t dismiss taking a yachting vacation next year – you might be pleasantly surprised.

Fun for all the Family

A yachting holiday truly provides rest, relaxation and a healthy dose of fun for the entire family. Your kids will love sleeping in a luxury cabin and exploring a range of different destinations on a daily basis, while seeing dolphins or even whales while out at sea. Plus parents can also choose boats that are designed to be much more child-friendly too, with crew on hand to keep your little darlings entertained while you enjoy some much needed down time. Increasing numbers of families are looking to yachting holidays for a truly special vacation experience.

There aren’t many trips when you can explore multiple sites in one go. A gulet charter, for instance, can take you from country to country in comfort and style. Pick from a range of gulets, ranging from luxurious to homely, to child-friendly. Explore the world by sea and on foot as you dock in countries like Croatia, Montenegro and Turkey.

It’s Affordable

If you believed a yachting holiday was only for the super rich, then prepare to be pleasantly surprised. There are a range of itineraries and charter options available for each and every budget. From spending a few days cruising around the Mediterranean, to a longer trip across the Bahamas or even Central America, yachting is no longer available only to the elite. Plus, if you decide to split the cost with a few more friends, you can even charter a larger vessel. Make sure to do your research when choosing your next vacation. You could be enjoying an ice-cold cocktail from the deck of your own private vessel in next to no time at all.

Excellent Service

Sick of poor customer service or unhelpful tour operators, then seek out an experience notorious for its excellent service. When you decide to go on a yachting vacation, you will instantly gain access to a whole new level of customer service and attention. Your cabin will be kitted out with everything that you could possibly need, such as binoculars and a flashlight. All of your crew is guaranteed to be the very best at what they do, so drunken sailors won’t spoil your special time away. You can feel safe and secure in the hands of experts. Meaning you have more time to relax and enjoy yourself.

A Chance to Learn

Taking to the open seas and enjoying a vacation on a yacht will also provide you with the opportunity to learn from the very best. If you are interested in learning how to sail or man a boat, then there’s no better time or place to do so. Some yachting holidays also provide you with the option to schedule in some lessons as part of your trip. Plus, it’s a great way to relax and learn a new skill that you can enjoy at home with your entire family. So if you want to fulfill some childhood dreams, would like to gain a new qualification or had always fancied giving yachting a try then now’s your chance. Plus, being on vacation means you are more likely to fall into warm water rather than a cold lake or reservoir – making any error you make while learning a much more pleasant experience.

Different Options

Whether you have years of experience or are new to yachting, then there are a range of alternatives for you to choose from. A flotilla holiday is the ideal way to meet new people, as your vessel forms part of a larger flotilla that travels around in a group. This option means you pilot your boat, with a ‘lead boat’ not too far away in case of trouble. Plus you don’t need to worry about planning your itinerary either – you all follow a route that has been scheduled for you. The second option is known as bare boat. Only available for more confident sailors, you charter your own boat and can decide your route at your leisure. If you know what you are doing and don’t fancy traveling as part of a group, then this is ideal for you. Families with kids will want to consider the flotilla option.

The World is Your Oyster

When it comes to choosing where you want to travel to, the world is your oyster on a yachting vacation. You could decide to explore the Greek islands or maybe even visit Croatia and other lesser-known countries in the Southern Mediterranean. Party animals will want to check out Ibiza and the Balearic islands off the coast of Spain. You may even decide to venture further afield. The beauty of a yachting holiday is that there are a range of itineraries and alternatives to meet with your times and requirements.

If you had thought that a yachting vacation was out of your price range, then think again. This is a great alternative if you are traveling with inquisitive, active kids who love exploring. Not to mention, it’s great for Moms and Dads too, as you will visit a new destination on a daily basis. So whether you are a novice sailor, or have several years of experience but had never considered chartering your own boat, then consider taking a yachting holiday if you want an experience that will create lasting memories.

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