Days Inn Hershey: Where To Stay During A Visit to Hershey Park

My goal, when traveling to an amusement park, is to find a hotel that is as close to the park as possible. The last thing you want to do is waste time in a car the day of the actual activity. So, that’s where my searches always take me. It’s quick and easy. And it worked the same for our upcoming stay at Hershey Park. We stayed at Days Inn Hershey, and it was a whole experience itself

street Lamps of Hershey Park penn

Where To Stay During A Visit to Hershey Park

In this case for our visit to Pennsylvania, Days Inn Hershey was the top choice.

Days Inn Hershey PA

We decided not to stay at the Hershey Resort since we would arrive late the night before our amusement park day and leave the morning after we visited it. So we wouldn’t really have a chance to enjoy the full resort experience. And after doing the distance calculations, the difference was so minimal yet the price was literally six times more. So this was kind of a no-brainer.

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Our Stay at the Days Inn Hershey Park

Look at the amazing welcome our hotel had for us. Chocolates Galore! I know at first it looks like major trouble. As in, my kids are going to be so high on chocolate, I’m going to want to simply jump out the window. But it worked to my advantage. I was able to bribe them to behave well by promising chocolate.

Days Inn Hershey, PA - kids travel

But the biggest reward was our window view. We literally were looking at the park which was ‘almost’ touchable, but still not. This was my best bargaining tool. And it really worked.

Days Inn Hershey Park

Another big plus for me is breakfast included. Whoever has traveled to any amusement park with kids, you know that any distraction or detour from the park is a major drama. This way, the breakfast is in the hotel.

Days Inn Hershey - Breakfast Buffet

Super convenient and quite tasty.

Days Inn Hershey PA - Breakfast

Check out the prices for Days Inn Hershey

One important note – breakfast time, since it is a buffet style, can get really chaotic. The best times is as early as possible or as close to finishing time. 

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Information for Staying at the Days Inn Hershey

I loved this hotel. It was absolutely perfect for my family’s stay. The beds were comfy. The breakfast tasty and you can’t beat the distance.

Plus, they have a free shuttle to take you to the park and return you to the hotel, so you don’t have to deal with the parking fees.

Address: 350 West Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania

Photo: 717-534-2162

Check-In: 4:00 P.M.

Check-Out: 11:00 A.M.


  • 101 hotel rooms

  • Complimentary Breakfasts

  • Shuttle Service to Hersheypark

  • Dry cleaning and Laundry

  • Onsite arcade

  • WIFI

  • Pet friendly

Hotel Close to Hershey Park – Days Inn Hershey – Review

Last Updated on June 19, 2023

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  1. Looks like it was a great stay! Great that it was so close to the park! Thanks for sharing!

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