Malaga Bike Rental: Day Trips From Malaga

Day Trips From Malaga - bike rental - malaga beaches

Fact – Our absolute favorite activity to do in any town, city, or country is to rent bikes and explore the landmarks of the city, like the football stadium called La Rosaleda. The best way is to do a city tour of Malaga, which I did and wrote a post about it, you can read it here. In this case, I’m going to be talking about Malaga bike rentals and the day trips!

So it is a completely natural step for us to find a great company that has all that we need, i.e. bikes for adults and younger kids, plus comfortable bike seats for my five-year-old and helmets. And a good price to make it affordable for a family of four.

Bike Tours Malaga had it all.

I mainly had contact with the owner, Vladimir, who helped arrange everything for our day rental. He was super helpful with ideas of what to do, and where to go. Interestingly enough, though, when we arrived I was impressed by the number of different countries represented in his staff (over five languages spoken).  I love such diversity.

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kids having fun at bike 2 malaga bike rentals local

Day Trips From Malaga

Our main objective, and what we’ve done in the past, is to hop on and go for short day trips outside the town or city we are staying at. This almost happened with Malaga.

Malaga is located along the Mediterranean Sea. The terrain is flat and easy to get around. Plus, there are bike paths that circle around the beaches as well. So we thought we’d hit the road and go for another one of our 25 or more mile bike tours.

We got as far as two kilometers from Malaga. Why?

It wasn’t because the roads stopped being good, or that there was nowhere to go. But Malaga’s beaches will keep you here for days, so we decided to keep it within the coastal city limits, and it turned out to be one of our best days yet.

That’s the beauty of renting bikes, you don’t have a set agenda or anywhere to be.

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What Our Day Trip in Malaga Looked Like

After getting our bikes from the shop that is located in Plaza de la Marina, we headed towards the sea through the popular port where there are tons of shops, restaurants, and outdoor cafes.

light house in Malaga

This is technically the city center and also where you get first access to the beach areas. We followed it around the lighthouse to Malagueta Beach. This is the main beach of Malaga and about ten minutes from the main city center, but still part of the city.

Malagueta sign in Malagueta Beach in Malaga

This is where we got stuck. At every peddle turn we kept on stopping. There was never a shortage of super fun playgrounds. Where we live the playgrounds are rusty and not too stimulating.

jungle gym in Malagueta Beach in Malaga

And check out this swing.

swinging around in Malagueta beach

Thanks to that, we had tons of downtime enjoying the beach while the kids were going nuts working every angle of the climbing towers, swings and everything else.

woman lying on the floor next to a bike chilling on malaga's beaches

After they used up a lot of their energy my oldest declared he can not continue riding unless we eat.

This is why we really didn’t get too far. The restaurants, also known as chiringuito – which is just another way of saying a restaurant directly on the sand, were too tempting. We haven’t been to a beach in ages, the weather in Malaga is absolutely delightful (even if we were there in December), good seafood and great prices.

kid eating mussels in malaga

But the real reason we ended up staying more than three hours parked here is the safety and relief we felt with our kids. We had no concerns at all that they played on the beach for hours without our supervision.

As they played we sipped our Sangrias and truly had one of the best days of our trip in Spain.

We ended up the day with a quick ride through the historic district of Malaga, just because we could.

historic district malaga, bike rentals

This is all thanks to renting bikes and having the freedom to do whatever we wanted.

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