Day and Night Korean Skincare Routine Explained in Simple Steps

Skincare is a necessary part of a person’s daily activity. Both men and women need to take care of their skin to prevent aging and acne breakouts. You might be confused as to the difference between the day and night routine. There’s little variety in the methods, but it’s essential to know each step and why. Basic steps that a Korean Skincare Routine requires for an amazing skin that stays younger for longer. Learn about the Korean Skincare Routine

Korean Skincare Routine Explained

Here’s a step-by-step list made for a great Korean Skincare Routine

Korean Morning Skincare Routine

If you are a skincare newbie, you might be wondering why you need to do these steps if you’ve cleaned your face the night before. You might not know this, but oil and dirt still accumulate on your face while you sleep. Through these steps, you will learn the importance of each routine for day time.

First Step: Just water

You should cleanse your skin with water when you wake up. You don’t need to use an oil or foam cleanser because water is enough to remove the dirt that settled on your face as you sleep and water keeps your skin hydrated. This step is assuming that you did your skincare routine the night before.

If you took a bath or a shower, you could consider that the first step of your skincare. Make sure that you use a gentle foaming cleanser for your face.

Second Step: Toner

Using toner in the morning can help balance your skin’s pH level. It will help in removing acidity from your face.

Third Step: Moisturizer

After applying all skin-loving ingredients, use a moisturizer to lock and secure them to your face for proper absorption.

Fourth Step: Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen for the face to avoid dark spots and wrinkles from developing on your skin.

Choose a sunscreen that you can use underneath your makeup. Companies like Son & Park develop products that can enhance your natural beauty. You can buy Son & Park cosmetics here at Yesstyle.

Korean Nighttime Skincare Routine

Koreans usually do at least six nighttime skincare steps before they get a good night’s sleep. Each step in the routine must give your face a healthy, dewy glow. It’s more important to maintain the night routine than the day time because sleep is crucial in repairing your skin cells.

First Step: Oil Cleanse

Select a cleanser that is oil-based to eliminate makeup and other impurities accumulated from your skin effectively. You can remove your lipstick or mascara with these.

Second Step: Water cleanse

After cleansing with oil, you can wash with water or wipe off with micellar water. This next step will remove stubborn makeup residue and other dirt from your face. Double cleanse is necessary to cleanse and purify your skin deeply.

Third Step: Exfoliate

Use a bead-based or gentle enzyme exfoliating product to remove your dead skin cells successfully. Do this twice a week.

Fourth Step: Toner

Again, apply toner at night to balance your skin’s pH and prepare skin to absorb the next products you will use.

Fifth Step: Essence

The essence will keep your skin hydrated after your toner. Applying this substance before sleeping will also boost skin regeneration while you sleep. You can use fermented extracts to enhance the absorption properties of the formulation.

Sixth Step: Ampoule

The special ingredient that targets specific skin issues like large pores or acne can do its job overnight.

Seventh Step: Serum

You can skip this step if you want to use a facial mask for the night. The serum helps to give your skin protection from unwanted sebum.

Eighth Step: Facial Mask

When you use a facial mask at night, it will feed your skin with healthful ingredients that is both anti-aging and hydrating. Make sure that you pat the essence from the sheet mask on your face after use to enhance the nourishing effects.

Nine Step: Eye cream

Gently apply eye cream in the sensitive area of your eyes before you sleep to tighten and hydrate them as you sleep. Especially if you’re nearing mid-30s.

Tenth Step: Moisturize

For the last step, use a nighttime moisturizer for the ingredients to get locked in and do its magic while you sleep. You can use a night cream for added effects.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve learned the explanation of each Korean skincare step, you can begin to figure out which of these steps will work for you. If you are still starting, it’s okay to build your routine with 3-4 steps slowly. You don’t have to rush yourself. The important thing is to address your skin concerns and get rid of them properly.

Last Updated on May 8, 2022

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