Datca Turkey: The Wonderful Coves of Datca Peninsula

The Datca Peninsula is in the extreme southwest of Turkey. Cruise captains start to turn towards the north from its westerly tip, but not before passengers have enjoyed the beautiful bays and coves on the south coast of the Peninsula, and likely also the town which gives the Peninsula its name. Cruising Turkey’s Datca Peninsula is a real experience. Simply enjoy the environment and the genuine Turkey trip. Today I’m going to tell you useful information about Datca in Turkey, its history, the town and more.

How to get to Datca?

The main road route from the east turns due north near Marmaris to head to Mugla and on to Aydin, Izmir, and ultimately Istanbul. The road straight ahead to Datca is still fairly reasonable for the vast majority of the time. There is little major traffic, but it is certainly more fun dropping anchor from a boat and simply diving into the sea.

datca peninsula in turkey

A Little History

A little history is on the south coast, just beyond half way down this 100 km peninsula. On the tip of the peninsula, there are the remains of the ancient city of Knidos though there is some debate whether Knidos was actually further east near the present-day town of Datca until the 4th Century BC. There is a theory that the Knidians actually wanted to make the peninsula into an island for defensive reasons and contemplated digging a canal through the isthmus at the eastern end. The Persians were a threat Herodotus says the Knidians were warned not to dig the canal because the Gods would have made Datca an island if that was what they wanted. Instead, today there are the Gulfs of Gokova and Hisaronu with the isthmus in between.

The eastern end is fairly bare and mountainous, but further down it is a fertile region with plenty of water. There are few tomatoes that can match those from Datca which is also famous for its olives. The small villages are involved in agriculture, with the main town hosting markets. The region is quiet, but those that put down anchor will find supplies and refreshments.

a guy taking a photo of his back from a blue stick in datca turkey

The Town Datca, Turkey

The town of Datca receives many visitors once winter recedes; a great number of them arrive by sea, either heading east after coming down the western shores of Turkey from places such as Bodrum, or intent on going the opposite direction after coming from places such as Marmaris, Gocek or Fethiye. If you navigate to this site, you will be able to see the whole range of itineraries that charter companies are willing to offer.

There are many nice restaurants in the town, several that are almost touching the sea. Their menus inevitably start with a wide range of mezes using local produce and often yogurt. While it is a shame to look beyond fish that is obviously so fresh, Turkey’s lamb and chicken offer other choices. The desserts are extremely sweet and a cup of Turkish coffee makes a good finish to any meal. With luck you may find someone to read your cup. You just have to put the saucer over the cup, swirl it a little and place it on the table to let it cool. Some people think that is more than just a bit of fun.

people on a boat in the sea of datca peninsula in turkey

The Booking Process

What you need to decide is your budget and take it from there. The beauty of the Internet means that you can read all about the area and enter email correspondence to get your questions answered. You can do it from the comfort of your own room rather than in days gone by having to visit a local travel agent and ask him to ring up for more information.

Just Relax

The Peninsula is a relaxed place. It is ideal for those who want to sunbathe, swim a little and perhaps drop a hook in to catch lunch. Turkish tradition involves eating fish and accompanying it with raki, an aniseed-flavored drink for which Turkey is famous. It is colorless but turns opaque with the addition of water. No one drinks it ‘neat’ and how much water you use is a matter of personal choice.

If you see a cove you particularly like, then stop and enjoy it. It is not as if you are late for a meeting. That is for when you are back home and at work. For now, you enjoy the environment and atmosphere.

Last Updated on May 21, 2022

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