Dat Dog in New Orleans: More Than a Hot Dogs With a Twist

What is the one thing that is on every parent’s mind when traveling? Food! At least for me, it is. My kids are super picky eaters, so making sure they eat at restaurants that will be fun for them is a big deal for me. Even though I was looking for a kid-friendly restaurant in New Orleans, I still wanted to keep up with New Orleans’s traditional cooking. So after a lot of searching online, I found Dat Dog restaurants.

dat dog nola

Dat Dog in New Orleans

Just the name alone was a deal-breaker for me, what kid doesn’t love hot dogs? However, after studying their menu, I also realized they serve many local-style hot dogs.

Dat Dog has three different locations. All three are located in super convenient spots, this way you can always find one close by. After talking to Chelsea, from Dat Dog, we decided on the Magazine Street location, which is in the Garden District.

One thing about New Orleans, it is too easy to get stuck only in the French Quarters. So venturing out to a new area was part of the fun of getting there. We took the streetcar trolley, which is $1.25 each way and a great way to get around New Orleans – which by the way is a lot bigger than it seems.

new orleans street trolley

Quick note: if you take the trolley make sure you have a chance to walk around Magazine Street. It is one of the cutest streets full of cute stores and pubs.

Dat Dog restaurants are one of those places that finding it on the internet simply doesn’t give it the true essence of what the place is all about.

If I can describe it in one word, I would say CHARACTER.

This place was full of it. The building and the outside garden (which is huge) were so colorful and fun.

The counter, where you order your food, was also super colorful and made me feel I was on some Caribbean island. The staff was so friendly, fun, and accommodating to everything my picky-eating four-year-old kid wanted without making me feel bad for his odd requests.

inside of dat dog magazine street new orleans

Photo Fun of Dat Dog Magazine Street

However, my ten-year-old is always my measuring stick of how good a place is. And lately, he’s been totally open to trying foods that even I can’t bring myself to eat.

For instance, he devoured the Alligator Sausage.

boy eating at dat dog magazine street

Loved the Duck Sausage with blackberry sauce.

hot dog with duck sausage at dat dog

And had a blast eating the Bacon Werewolf

crawfish etouffee fries dat dog in new orleans

Yes, he had three HUGE hot dogs.

I got to nibble on some of the ones before he inhaled them, but I loved their original styled french fries.

Crawfish Etouffee fries

crawfish etouffee fries dat dog in new orleans

Bacon and Ranch Fries

bacon and ranch fries dat dog in new orleans

Chili Fries

chili fries dat dog in new orleans

For the prices you pay, you get so much food. The hot dogs are huge, the fries dishes are fantastic and the ambiance is fun.

Definitely one of the best restaurant experiences we had during our entire trip.

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Last Updated on June 9, 2023

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