Who Needs a Dull Mouse Pad When You Can Create Your Own

What are the two most important items I use for work? My beloved computer and my mouse. As much as I love these things, they aren’t too much fun to look at aesthetically. So I needed a diversion once in a while and decided to find a super fun mouse pad.

And I did that with custom mouse pads.

custom mouse pad

OMG! What a selection. I think I’ve been living in a box.  I was amazed at how artistic and personalized they can make mouse pads and so much more.

Finally after hours of fun searching I found the one for me – The Eye Mousepad.


Because it is a very close match to my tattoo!

eye tattoo design

Plus, I get to write my name in big bold letters, inspiring me to live a big bold life. Still working on the second part, but I have a good start.

personalized mouse pad

Information for Zazzle

What I also loved about Zazzle is their customer service. I messed up on my name. I made it too big and doubled it. Instead of shipping out the sub par product, they sent me an email immediately about it and I called them to fix it.

Not only was it fixed in a few hours and sent out, but to do so they had to cancel my original order and when he redid the order he gave me a 20% discount. Gotta love that.

Zazzle has soooo many different products and deals going on all the time so to get in with them even better become a fan on their Facebook and keep up with the good Twitter feed too.

Custom Mouse Pads – Zazzle Review

Last Updated on September 4, 2023

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