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Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean Islands at 42,803 square miles, and in this instance it really is a case of the bigger the better. Whilst all of the Caribbean islands have a distinctive charm and allure, Cuba is defined by its versatility. It is a melting pot of culture offering numerous options for tourists. This versatility is perhaps most notable in the island’s capital Havana. Considered the cultural capital of the Caribbean, Havana is a cosmopolitan city rich with nightlife. Home to the international ballet, the capital boasts an excellent music and dance scene, with many clubs playing Jazz and Cuban reggae throughout the night.

Visit the back street clubs to get an authentic experience, it is completely safe to do so, and necessary if you want to experience the ‘real’ Cuba. If you only visit one club in Havana, make it the Tropicana Club, a famous hotspot for dancing, filled with Latino rhythms and amazing cabaret shows, these usually run from Tuesday to Sunday at 9:00 pm.
If you are looking for something a bit more peaceful then there are many extraordinary beaches to explore. Cuba is a great place for beach lovers, with many ‘virgin’ beaches providing tourists with the opportunity to find a personal paradise. These untouched beaches are perhaps the most spectacular, and would appeal to honeymooners looking for the perfect romantic getaway. Some of the more commercial hotspots include Cayo Largo beach, Varedero beach and Cayo Santa Maria beach. These are amongst the most popular beaches on the island, and tourists from the world over have recommended these, rating them amongst the best of the Caribbean.

Cuba is a communist country, which is economically poor but culturally rich, and many visitors have described the island as being ‘stuck in time.’ Notice the influence of the fifties, especially the classic American cars from this period. In terms of money, Cuba remains behind the times. The currency is the Cuban peso and it should be advised that cash is the preferred method of payment. Many hotels and restaurants do not offer the option of paying by card, so it is a good idea to have enough Cuban currency or travellers cheques when entering the country. However, the old school characteristics are a small price to pay for such a colourful experience. In fact, some say that the simplistic way of life adds to the beauty of the island. Cuba is a delightful country guaranteed to impress.

As with all travelling destinations, it is necessary to do your homework. It is advisable to do a little research into the place you are thinking of visiting. For example all UK need a visa to enter Cuba but most tour operators include those within the cost of the holiday. Guides are available from most good bookstores and it is recommended that you read up on the basic history and culture of countries before touring.

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