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What is Cuba’s Traditional Food? – A Cuban Sandwich Of Course!

Sandwiches and me, become very close during travels. They are filling, tasty and fun, especially when a country is known for them. So it was a great surprise for me that the almost true traditional food from Cuba was a sandwich – at least for me, it was, and traveling Havana if full of those Food stands and restaurants! And many fun facts about Cuba.

There are 2 reasons that made traditional food in Cuba – Sandwiches – our top choice:

Cuban Sandwiches hit the right spot and even more so the right price.

toasting a cuban sandwich, cuba
Cuban Sandwich Home Made

For less than 50 cents, I had a homemade sandwich done right in front of me while meandering the cobblestoned streets of Havana Vieja.

But one thing that struck me was how extremely similar they are to Panini’s. Yet, in the ‘western’ world you can easily fork out more than $10 for a mediocre ‘Panini’ and they will most likely taste the same as a Cuban Sandwich!

Cuban sandwich is the traditional food from cuba
Cuban Sandwich Stand

So when in Cuba

Cuba Traditional Food – Cuban Sandwiches


4 thoughts on “What is Cuba’s Traditional Food? – A Cuban Sandwich Of Course!

  1. Good choice! It’s great when you can experience local food and at such a low price.

  2. I bet they were delicious! My husband is from Cuba and he always talks about how wonderful the Cuban Sandwiches were as well as many other famous Cuban dishes that he enjoyed as a child growing up in Cuba. He now makes a great Cuban sandwich himself which we all enjoy! So happy to have found your site and I look forward to following your blog!

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