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Cruise the Ocean with Ayana Hotels

When you take a cruise, you get to enjoy and explore the ocean differently. You get to indulge in activities that are fun and exciting aboard a boat. Cruises lead you to different parts of the ocean and help you explore more than you thought possible.Ayana hotels also have a line of cruises now. Take a look at this blog post to learn about some of the things that they offer.

The Ayana hotels offers cruises to guests at their hotel. They have a variety of cruises and one can choose to do a one-day cruise or a three-day cruise.

Cruise the Ocean with Ayana Hotels

Ayana Cruise?

Visit multiple destinations at one go

When you choose any of the Bali cruise Ayana packages, you will get to enjoy your holiday tremendously. A three-day cruise gets you around the Indian Ocean and into new Indonesia territories.

Away from the hotel, you will easily get to the Komodo National Park for a whole day of adventure. Back on the boat, you will enjoy a night of peaceful sleep and wake up to the view of the Padar Island that you will be hiking before sunrise.

A cruise makes it possible for you to do this unlike waking up every morning of your holiday to indulge in activity and going back to your hotel room.

Numerous activities

Once you are back at the boat, there are a number of activities that you can indulge in. You can easily find yourself staying up the whole night chatting with your cruise mates as you play card games. You could also lay down on the deck and watch the stars as they reflect of the dark ocean in the night.

Intimate knowledge of the ocean

A cruise enables you to venture beyond the beach and the shallow waters of the ocean. A cruise will take you into the deep sea where you will be enchanted by the freshness and cleanliness of the ocean.

Here, you can dive and snorkel to your fill. You will get to see manta rays, beautiful coral formations and a diverse array of marine life.

With the Ayana cruises, you can also easily acquire a diving certification. With the assistance of your trainer, you will enjoy the exhilaration of deep-sea diving to the deepest part of the ocean.


An Ayana cruise ensures that you enjoy the best food. Being an extension of the hotel, you can easily access the best of the hotel’s menu. In addition, being out in the ocean ensures that you can easily catch something from the ocean and have it cooked for you.

More adventure

Being out in the ocean is livelier and awe inspiring than just walking up and down a private beach. Cruising the oceans brings about the spirit of adventure and reinvigorates and refreshes your body and mind.

Team or couple bonding

The Ayana cruise has a capacity for only eighteen. It is suitable for families and groups of friends, corporate entities on a team building mission and couples enjoying their holiday or honeymoon.

The unique living spaces enhance intimacy and bonding. The cruise activities bring about conversation and the need to look out for one another.

You don’t have to get wet

With Ayana’s varieties of cruise packages, you can can choose to cruise the ocean in the bottom floor vessel. In this cruise, you will get the privilege of observing the deep parts of the ocean without having to get into the water. This is a great adventure for those who are not certified divers and even those who cannot swim.

This is a one-day cruise in the unique whale shaped vessel that fits 30 and carries guests across the ocean with a guide who explains the sea life they are enjoying.


As a leading hotel operator in the world, all Ayana hotels go out of their way to ensure that their guests are completely comfortable both in the cruise and in their hotels.

They provide a variety of cruise packages to suit each guest’s tastes and preference.

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