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Cruise Ships in Port – Attraction or Destination?

Every cruise ship offers port stops. Either one day or multiple different stops. From my experiences on Cruise ships, ports should be considered simply as an attraction, rather than pretending you are visiting an actual destination.

One of the spots we stopped was in Cozumel, Mexico. As fun as it was, it was NOT Mexico.

Cruise ships in port

This was one of my favorite things to do. Simply stare at these insane cities in the sea.

cruises in cozumel mexico port

Sombrero fun for everyone.

hats in cozumel mexico port

This was one of the touristy things that hundreds of other cruise guests took pictures of or posed with.

mayans representations in cozumel port mexico

Take your pick of any number of fun bars where you get to spend even more money.  And eat more.

cozumel mexico cruise port

More sombrero fun.

kid with a hat in cozumel

Mexican art – more expensive if you buy it in NY.

mexican art in cozumel port mexico

Now I definitely know I’m in Mexico.

donkey in mexico cozumel port

This was the best part of the cruise – serious family bonding.

kids hugging dad in cozumel mexico

Cruise Ships in Port – Attraction or Destination?

11 thoughts on “Cruise Ships in Port – Attraction or Destination?

  1. I have always wanted to go to Mexico, I dont even live that far! I am in Houston.

  2. Love the art in Mexico! I avoid cruises and cruise ships like the plague. Whenever a cruise ships docks prices automatically double – saw it in Cartagena. Then everything gets back to normal when the ship sails away…as far as actually taking a cruise I’ll save it until I’m old and can’t get around too well.
    Nice photos!
    Frank (bbqboy)

    1. Cruises, Frank, are a whole different animal. I wouldn’t say take a cruise for the destination. Although, it might be different in the Caribbean and other parts of the world. But I would say, do it for the experience. It’s insane that these monstrosities in the ocean can float and what they have on them will simply blow you away.

      We are done with cruises, but I’m sooo grateful we did them!

  3. Cruise ships are definitely an attraction. There is so much to do on them! Yet, I wasn’t a fan of cruising. I like to have a lot of time to actually experience a destination and cruises don’t allow that to happen.

  4. I haven’t been yet on any cruise, but it looks fun. Maybe I should try it sometime for the experience.

  5. This is actually why I’m not a fan of cruises. You simply don’t have enough time in port to explore beyond the touristy facade of a place. I like to be busy and travel fast, but cruises are just too fast for me.

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