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Croatia Sailing Holidays: a Guide for First Timers

Croatia is one of the best spots in the world to spend a vacation. Its breathtaking islands, beaches, luscious olive orchards, ancient villages, and historical cities are unmatched. This ancient European country offers fascinating history, beautiful scenery, and a vacation full of exciting adventures. The crystal-blue oceans and stunning beaches are also perfect spots to unwind. That’s why I’m going to talk about sailing in Croatia.

This article offers a complete guide for a first-time vacation in this beautiful country. If you choose Croatia for your perfect sailing holidays, Sebastus offers you the best sailing boat, so your dreams can come true!

Sailing in Croatia

Croatia, known as one of the best sailing locations, holds a lot of experiences for you. 

This beautiful coastal route has a lot to offer, from stunning beaches and islands to ancient historical ruins and coves.

You may also stop in places along the journey to learn about the culture of this beautiful country.

The country is safer for sailing than other sites due to calmer winds and fewer distances to travel. 

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Best time of the year for a sailing trip

Croatia’s sailing season ranges from April until mid-October, when the weather is often at its best. Depending on the kind of sailing experience you desire, certain months are better than others. From April to mid-June, as well as late September and October, there are fewer tourists and more opportunities to be surrounded by nothing but the endless blue sea and the Dalmatian islands. 

July and August provide excellent winds for sailing in the sun, while September and October are best for swimming and sunbathing.

These are the driest seasons of the year, with mild temperatures that allow you to enjoy beach activities. 

The social scene is also alive and well during these months, as beach lovers from all over the world flock to the shore. 

Between June and August, the entire scene on these beautiful coasts is taken over by the exciting summer life.

If the busiest peak season is not for you, the most excellent months to sail in Croatia are May and September.

These months are free of the summer crowds, and the weather is still ideal for enjoying the gorgeous beaches.

Places to visit While Sailing in Croatia

There are over a thousand islands to visit, but a few stand out.


Korčula is a beautiful sailing location known for its stunning woods and attractive ancient settlements.

It is one of the most environmentally friendly Adriatic islands, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, and Aleppo pines.


Zlarin offers a perfect location for relaxation and sunbathing. It has a peaceful, calm, and magnificent ambiance.

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Choosing a Sailing boat

Traditional sailing boats range between 35-45 feet long and may accommodate 2-8 people.

Premium sailing boats are often larger and more comfortable, but they do not necessarily have more cabins. 

Your budget, group size, and chosen sailing style will determine the boat you choose. 


If you’re experienced in boat sailing, you do not necessarily need a skipper.

However, if you are a novice or want to spend your entire sailing trip relaxing and soaking up the sun, you would require a skipper.

A skipper helps you sail your boat and plan your trips.

What to pack for your sailing trip

Most of the day would be spent cruising the sea, and the nights exploring the villages and dining at local restaurants.

All you need are some swimming suits, sundresses, shorts, dining outfits, underwear and comfortable sleeping clothes.

Protection from the sun like sunglasses, gloves, hats and sunscreens are also necessary.

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