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Reasons to Visit Crete with Your Family – Top Things to Do in Crete

If you’re planning a major family vacation somewhere, then you know how important every little detail can be. Finding the perfect getaway locale for your family requires a bit of research and consideration, but the good news is that there is always an ideal destination out there somewhere.Information about the reasons why you should visit Crete with your family.In this article you will find things to do in Crete.

One great getaway that has increasingly been generating attention is Crete. Nestled among the seemingly countless number of Greek isles, Crete has something to offer everybody seeking some rest and relaxation. Let’s look at some of the reasons why Crete makes the perfect holiday destination for every member of the family.

Top Things to Do in Crete

The Top Things to Do in Crete

Spacious Accommodations

One major consideration every family must make before traveling is where they’ll be staying. In some locales, you’ll have to deal with crowded hotels and accommodations that can lead to plenty of quarrels and hurt feelings.

Crete is a great choice for all members of the family because of the spacious accommodations the island features. Unlike many of the smaller islands, you’ll find large single and multi-family villas in Crete for lease through providers such as BlueVillas who are an awarding winning company. Everybody will truly be able to relax while on holiday with large common areas, big bedrooms and plenty of space to breath freely. Most Crete villas are more affordable than hotels as well!

Plenty of History

Young kids absolutely love to learn. While a holiday trip may not seem like a time for learning, the historical offerings in Crete give you plenty of opportunities. From the Historical Museum of Crete to the Castello del Molo in Koules, you’ll never be far from ancient history while staying on the island.

With more than four thousand years of artifacts, architecture and art all easily accessible in Crete, it is arguably the best Greek island for learning about how this part of the world once served as the cradle of Western civilization.

Large and Diverse Terrain

For older kids and young adults, finding ways to be active on holiday is a common desire. In Crete, you’ll have the chance to traverse the largest of the Greek isles in any number of ways.

With hundreds of kilometers of coastline, rugged cliffs, well-established hiking trails and beautiful farmland, there is something for everybody who loves to get out and explore. Whether you decide to take a leisurely bicycle ride throughout one of the many small towns or charter a boat to see the epic coasts of the island, those who are young – and young and heart – will never run out of physical activities to do while on holiday.

Peace and Quiet

For those who are older, who love the idea of a romantic getaway or who just like to be one with nature, Crete offers plenty of peaceful, quiet venues and landscapes to enjoy. Because of the sheer size of the island, there are still many small villages and towns untouched by the massive waves of tourism flocking to the island.

Crete is home to hundreds of small villages – many with lodging and dining options – that can easily accommodate those wishing to explore niche life on the island.

Beautiful Marine Life

Last but not least, anybody who loves to take on the wild seas will have an absolutely grand time on Greece’s Big Island. With the massive number of beaches and coastlines, enjoying time in the water and the sun is never more than a few kilometers away.

Those looking for a more interactive experience can also choose to hike to one of Crete’s great fishing villages, where they can enjoy fishing from a pier or a deep-sea chartered excursion. Ultimately, any type of marine activity you can imagine can be found in spades on the island – making it a great choice for avid marine enthusiasts.

With all that Crete has to offer, there is something for every member of the family to enjoy. Plus, you can get around easily with Crete taxi. Even though the island is big in relative terms, it’s still compact enough that family excursions from one place to another are logistically simple. Unlike many other Greek islands, Crete has enough diversity in terms of entertainment and sightseeing to keep the entire family entertained!

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Things to Do in Crete

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  1. Great article about Cretan beauty! Spacious accommodations like Luxury Villas are indeed a must for every family. This opportunity is also found in other wonderful Greek islands like Mykonos, Paros and Santorini.

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