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7 Creative Decoration Ideas for Kids Happy Birthday

Parents ask themselves how to beautifully decorate a room for a child’s birthday every year; after all, the birthday is only once a year and the baby can’t wait to have a stunning party! Here are some creative decoration ideas for kid’s birthday party.

We decided to help moms and dads and picked up some original options for decorating your home and table, from curtains made of colorful ribbons to compositions from licensed Mylar balloons like these Let’s roll!

Creative Decoration Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Party

Balloon décor ideas

  • High-quality licensed Mylar balloons will help you highlight the theme of your celebration and make your child really happy because no kid would not like these cute Hello Kitty, Spider-Man, Frozen, Batman, Disney, or Lego inflatables! You can use them on their own, or as part of stunning themed arches, garlands, columns, bouquets, and even for decorating your photo booth!
  • Table decorations: get small boxes, fill them with party favors, decorate them beautifully, tie to helium balloons and place them near the plates of guests.
  • You can order balloons with photos, depicting a birthday boy or memorable life moments printed on them.
  • Having inflated balloons with helium, you can tie them to small soft toys and place them around the perimeter of the room.
  • To surprise your guests, you can inflate a lot of balloons of different sizes and place them under the ceiling, stretching a fabric hammock beforehand. In the middle of the party, you can remove the hammock, showering your guests with colorful balloons!
  • Try covering the whole ceiling with helium balloons, and tying colorful ribbons to them — such decorations look extremely elegant!

Flower decorations

Rose petals are a must-have for a tender girly celebration; you can cover the whole floor and furniture with them.

Besides, you can place a large flat dish filled with fresh flowers to match the general atmosphere of the holiday in the center of your festive table — such centerpieces always look great! Also, try placing beautiful ceramic or glass vases of different sizes on the floor, and along the walls: this will give your room décor a fresh look and fill it with a floral aroma.

Corrugated paper decor

Using paper, you can create a lot of beautiful decorations for your festive room.

Make some Pom Poms:

  • Take 4 to 8 sheets of colored paper and fold them into an accordion;
  • tie the center of the sheet with a thread;
  • use scissors to give the accordion edges a round shape, and then straighten each sheet;
  • by giving your pom-pom the shape of a ball, and making a few more of these, you can create a garland and use it to decorate the room.

Create multiple hearts:

  • cut out hearts from paper;
  • attach one to the other, bend the top one in half;
  • connect all the elements with a thread and stretch it under the ceiling.

Giant candy garland

Surprise your kids by creating a garland of giant candies! You will need a fishing line, wrapping paper, and cardboard to create a rigid frame for the craft.

You can use any candies that you can attach to your garland, starting from lollipops on a stick and ending at cupcakes.  Such a décor will become a perfect photo backdrop.

Surprise decor

Fun games are the most interesting part of children’s birthdays. You can think of different surprises for kids:

  • make a big coloring book that kids can use to color the given characters, having a certain amount of time for completing the task;
  • make some balls or flags with notes. These notes may contain tasks or words for playing Pictionary. The rules are simple: you get the random word, written in the note, and you should use sign language to try to explain what is it to your friends;
  •  the most popular surprise decoration is the traditional Piñata: children just love to fool around with it and get some sweets!

Wish Tree

Creating this stunning decoration is relatively easy:

  • prepare a sheet of A3 paper (it must have a dense structure);
  • pick up a nice template for the future tree, circle its outlines on a piece of paper using a marker;
  • write your birthday congrats on the top half of the sheet, and then beautifully decorate it (for example, you can use sparkles);
  • make some leaves from the colored paper and stick them on the branches of your tree; guests can leave their best wishes on them!


You can use them to write wishes for a birthday boy, too. Also, you can attach his funny photos to them, and even make unique photo collages — there are a lot of options.

It is very easy to make a beautiful poster with your own hands. To do this, you need a big sheet of drawing paper, paints, and felt-tip pens.

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