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How to Create a Homely Child’s Bedroom

When you’re a keen traveler and spending lots of time away from home, it’s good to have a comfortable bedroom to come back to.  And for your children, this is especially important.  A little space to call their own when they’re back at home.How to make a cute and Homely Child’s Bedroom.Take a look at this list of recommendation on Family home decor tips and advice.

So, you might be wondering how to make your child’s bedroom a practical space that’s easy to keep house clean while you’re away, but also fun for when you’re at home.

Homely Child’s Bedroom

Here’s a few tips for creating a Homely Child’s Bedroom

The practical bits

First, lets start with the practical elements to your kid’s bedroom.  The space needs to be easy to keep clean and organized. This means you can come home and settle back in without any fuss.

In a child’s bedroom you want durable surfaces that are easy to clean. A wood floor can provide an easy to clean and practical surface for the bedroom.  Although the cost of wood flooring can be more expensive than a laminate, it will stand up to scuffs and high foot traffic much better. 

Walls can be painted with wipe able emulsion, so it’s easy to maintain and won’t need redecorating as often.

Ample storage will help make packing and unpacking simple, as well as keeping everything organized.  Built-in storage is great for keeping everything neat and dust-free.  However, to keep the bedroom nice and homely for your child, it’s still nice to have a couple of small shelves for books and toys.

The fun stuff

Think about filling the bedroom with not only toys, but little mementos of your journeys to different countries and places.  This will give their bedroom a lovely personal and homely touch.

Family photos taken at places you’ve visited can be framed and hung on the walls.  And to remind them of home, don’t forget to include photos of grandparents, friends and pets.

If your child likes collecting items from your travels, think about mounting a cabinet on the wall to house their pebbles, shells, trinkets and postcards.  Consider hanging a large map on the wall and adding stickers to all the places you’ve visited.  This is a fun activity and will help improve their geography.

Rugs, drapes and duvets in warm and relaxing colors will help your child settle back into their room and sleep better. Yellows, oranges and greens are warming and can help with sleep, whereas blues are seen as soothing and relaxing but may not provide as much warmth. Hopefully, these tips will give you some good ideas to create a homely and practical bedroom for your child.

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