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Craving a Career Change? Consider these 7 Jobs for Travelers at Heart

Is your cubicle closing in on you? Are you feeling chained to your desk? Sometimes a 9-to-5 can feel like a 9-to-forever. Consider changing to a job that includes travel so that you can globe-trot while building your career. For the travel enthusiast wanting work, here are some great options: 

Craving a Career Change? Consider these 7 Jobs for Travelers at Heart

Top 7 Jobs for Travelers at Heart

Travel nursing

For medical professionals struck by a good old-fashioned case of wanderlust, travel nursing is the profession for you. With varying contract lengths and many exciting destinations, travel nursing is ideal for those healthcare professionals looking to satisfy their cravings for a nomadic lifestyle while still earning a modest living. However, looking for travel nursing opportunities can be daunting and leave you wondering where to begin. Start by checking out a job marketplace, like Fusion Marketplace. There, you can see all of your options in detail, with essential information like salary, location, and contract length.  

Flight attendant

What better way to see the world than to fly around it? What’s more, you’ll be at a new and exciting destination each time you touch down. With job perks, including reduced hotel fees and less expensive airfare, what’s not to love? Just be sure you can handle long hours on your feet and the joys of jet-lag. 

Tour guide

Many travelers want an experienced guide to show them the sights and advise them on the best places to go. That’s where you come in. Whether it’s walking through a historical city or braving the jungles, being a tour guide allows you to explore uncharted territory and soak in breathtaking landscapes known to fly under the average tourist’s radar.  

Freelance photographer

Enjoy snapping the perfect photo? Consider becoming a freelance traveling photographer. Freelance photography can include everything from selling your snaps as stock photos to documenting destination weddings. Find a specific niche where you shine, and you’ll find your photography talent can take you far. 

English teacher

There are students all over the world who need an English teacher. With this high demand for educators in mind, there’s no excuse to delay your travel-packed adventures. While you teach your pupils your language, you can expand your knowledge base and immerse yourself in the local cultural practices. Overall, teaching abroad is an excellent option for folks who enjoy working with kids and pride themselves on their tutoring skills.

Travel writer

When all you need is a wi-fi connection to get to work, you can work from anywhere. Look into opportunities to write specifically about destinations and best travel tips. There are several different ways to make travel writing work for you, as an agent for a news outlet, a blogger, or a freelance writer. 

Au pair

As an au pair, you move in with a host family and help with child care. Your host family may ask for you to assist with tutoring or transportation. If you are good with kids, this is a great job option. You can pair with a family from anywhere in the world and fully immerse yourself in a new culture with your new host family. 

Before you go

You don’t have to be stuck in an office to work. By parting ways with the security blanket that is your hometown, you’ll discover your talents can take you to far-off places. With so many options available, you’ll be off to see the world in no time. 

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