CozyPhones Band Review: A Band Not Only for Falling Asleep

woman wearing a cozyphones band

I can NOT work out, train, or do any other physical activity without music. It is the source of all my energy and is a necessity for me. When I’m totally feeling tired and do not want to do anything, music has a way to lift me up and make me pump out my last ounce of energy.

However, I have a confession to make. Being an aerobics instructor for a good part of my life, with speakers blasting in my ears, my hearing is quite sensitive, and can’t tolerate music too loudly. Especially if it’s coming from my headphones.

Cozyphones Review

When I got the CozyPhones, which are great for falling asleep in, I had another agenda for them. I had been in search of headphones that are light on my ears for ages.

And, guess what, these work great for both training and falling asleep in! I have found my ideal match.

woman wearing a black and pink cozyphones headphones band

Video Review of CozyPhones Headphones Band

These headphones also have a built in amp that really enhances the overall sound quality.

CozyPhones Company Information

The reason CozyPhones was created was so the founder of the company could go to sleep while listening to podcasts. Regular headphones were uncomfortable and broke easily.

As I always say – “Where there is a need, there is a solution that others are looking for.”

He created a fleece headband with small, comfortable headphones integrated. With time, customers began to respond well and wanted other styles and materials. Now they also have them for kids and for athletes.

Product Information
The Active Headband Headphones are made out of Lycra Mesh that allows your head to stay cool while you work out.

Aside from the headband with adjustable headphones, you get a small bag to carry them around.

Contact Information
Facebook: CozyPhones
Instagram: @cozyphone

Last Updated on June 4, 2022

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