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Couples Travel – My to 3 Picks for a Romantic Getaway

One of the things that my husband and I like to do regularly and, even more so, on our anniversary is to go on a Romantic Getaway. We also really enjoy following the anniversary gifts by year tradition, you can check this list here, but our main goal is to have some quality time and to make more memories together.Three best ways that I know to spend a romantic getaway or weekend.Check this out to learn about the couples travel.

us in lobby

We usually take the chance to do this when we go out to visit my parents, that way we can have some adult time and my parents can enjoy their grandsons. But we have also taken a few local escapes.

Top 3 Ideas for a romantic Getaway

1. Experience a Couples Spa Day: This is something that we do often. We usually book a room at a hotel with a SPA that has a good reputation and take advantage of some of their romantic combos for couples travel.

2. Go on a Short Road Trip: We did this one on board of a motorcycle. It was one of those things when you decide to go all out and rent a Harley Davidson. It was so much fun! The experience showed me that it doesn’t have to be all about staying at a romantic hotel, instead doing new and daring things can bring us closer together.

Couples Travel - Harley Davidson Biker Couple

3. Go to the Most Luxurious and Romantic Restaurant in Town:   There are times when we don’t have a full weekend to go out and just be with each other. So what do you do when you are at home in the same town as always and with only a few hours available?

Booking a private area at a local restaurant was the answer for us. It sets a relaxing mood where we get to talk about anything we want and enjoy each other’s company while we have some amazing food.

These three are my favorite ways so far to go on a romantic getaway or couples travel with my husband and I would highly recommend them. What are yours?

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