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All About National Parks In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country with tons of natural beauties and is home to more than 4% of the world’s total flora and fauna. In an attempt to preserve these beauties in 1970 the Costa Rican National Park System was created. Today between the 161 wildlife refuges, national parks, private reserves, and other protected areas cover more than 25% of its territory. It is being protected from development. All of these also became the main tourist attractions of Costa Rica,

arenal volcano in costa rica national park

Inside of these protected areas of Costa Rica, no one is allowed to collect anything (rocks, plants, shells, etc). And of course, hunting is out of the question. Personally, I love these measures Can you imagine what would be left if every visitor took something? There are even some parks where you are asked to stay as quiet as possible so you don’t disturb local fauna.

This is one of those countries that started with the “Save the Planet” trend as well as the “responsible travel” trend. Luckily it has been incredibly successful at it. They started even before the whole uncontrolled development problem started. All they wanted was to preserve their land for the recreation of their own people.

This turned Costa Rica into one of the few places in Central America where you can go for a walk in the middle of primary forests. I have nothing against reforested areas, they are still great, but they also lack something that Costa Rica’s parks have.

National Parks in Costa Rica:

All About Costa Rica's National Park System - Hanging bridges of monteverde

 cahuita national park in costa rica

As you can imagine, everywhere you go in the country, you will find one of these parks or refuges. So during your family vacation in Costa Rica don’t miss the opportunity to explore them, look at the different local species, and support the efforts being made to preserve natural beauties by paying a small fee.

How many have you visited? Even after living in the country for years, I wasn’t able to check out even half of them.

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All About Costa Rica's National Park System

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