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Best of Costa Rican Cuisine: 13 of Their Yummy Dishes

When you travel around the Central American countries, you will notice that most of them have similar food. Most of their dishes are based on corn, spicy sauces, plantains, beans, and in some areas coconut and seafood. However, if you pay close attention, each still manages to do things in their own unique way. Besides having diverse dishes, Costa Rican food history and culture are really rich.

Costa Rica is a huge country and each part of the country have their own dishes, but here are my personal recommendation and my favorite dishes of Costa Rican cuisine. 

13 of My Favorite Dishes of Costa Rican Cuisine

1. Gallo Pinto

This is hands down the essential and most traditional Costa Rican dish. You find this pretty much everywhere, and it’s delicious. Despite his name (painted rooster), it’s a rice and beans dish. Considered by many the National Costa Rican Cuisine Dish.

Costa Rican Cuisine - Gallo Pinto

2. Arroz con Pollo | Chicken and Rice

When you ask for it at a local eatery, you will get a bowl of rice with shredded chicken. It’s easy to make and really delicious. It’s so simple that you need to be careful not ending preparing it every day.

Costa Rican Appetizers

3. Guacamole

We all know and love this one! But Costa Ricans seem to have an even stronger love for it than most of us. Guacamole is a must-eat for any Palta lover, can be made in so many different ways, and you can eat it with basically anything you like. The Guacamole is the perfect Costa Rican appetizer

Costa Rican Cuisine - Guacamole

4. Ensalada de Repollo | Cabbage Salad

They use it as a side dish to almost everything. If you’re feeling a bit full from all the eating you had while traveling Costa Rica, You always can have a nice and healthy salad. In Costa Rica the cabbage salad is one of the most eaten salads.

5. Papa Rellena | Stuffed Potatoes

These are backed potatoes stuffed with beans, cheese, chicken. Simple and delicious Costa Rican appetizer. You can have it for breakfast or in between Costa Rican appetizers. But believe me, they are packed.

6. Tamales | The Christmas Traditional Meal

There are one or several recipes for this one in each Central American Country. Tamales are so popular that you can even find them in the United States. They are made with flour and species. But it really depends on the country. One of the best travel Costa Rican appetizers.


Costa Rican Cuisine - Tamales

Costa Rican Snacks

7. Platano Frito | Fried Plantains

Now this one is definitely no exclusive to Costa Rica, but you can find them pretty much anywhere. They are delicious, usually made when the plantain is a bit ripe. They are delicious with cheese.

8. Patacones | Green Plantain Crisps

Everyone’s favorite snack. The plantain is just so versatile, tho see are saltier, and they are the perfect Costa Rican snack, you can eat it pretty much anywhere and whenever you want.

9. Yuca Frita

It is another of the local’s favorite Costa Rican snacks.

10. Picadillo de Papa | Potato Hash

This is not your average hash brown. They are cut in cubes and soooo spicy.

Costa Rican Desserts

11. Arroz con Leche | Rice Custard

An amazing Costa Rica dessert that you can find pretty much anywhere.

12. Tres Leches

Cold and wet cake made with different kinds of milk and tons of cinnamon. It’s really suit and delicious, better have a glass of water too!

13. Flan de Coco

The tastier flan that you will ever try. Seriously, this Costa Rica flan is amazingly delicious, and it’s easy to make. Fluffy and sweet, it’s certainly a nice dessert to try

I know many of you love making your own food at home, and many of those dishes are really simple to make, that’s why I have made Costa Rican cuisine recipes for you. You can enjoy preparing the food with your family, it sure is an amazing experience,

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