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Costa Rica Wildlife – 8 Thrilling Details of the Jaguar!

Ok, so who hasn’t heard of the speedy and fierce Jaguar? And I’m not talking about the famous car brand! These super fast felines can be found in Costa Rica in Corcovado National Park.

But, I bet you didn’t know these thrilling details:

1. Jaguars are considered one of the fastest animals on Earth!

2. Besides Guatemala and Belize, Costa Rica has one of the highest Jaguar populations in the world.

3. The Jaguar is the 3rd largest feline after Tiger and Lion.

4. Jaguars mainly live in dense forests, but, have been found in different types of forests and even in open land. No matter where they live, it’s mandatory that the place has water because Jaguars, like other felines, love swimming.

5. Jaguars hunting methods are adventurous and thrilling. They stalk predators! Meaning that they will stalk there food first, ambush with integrity and then will look for the opportunity to attack with fierce speed.

6. Jaguars have developed an exceptionally powerful bite with their strong teeth that can even pierce the shell of armored reptiles!

7. Plus, they bite the scull of their prey delivering a fatal blow to their brain.

8. Jaguar’s are rapidly becoming extinct. Even though main organizations and foundations along with national park systems do all they can to protect this gorgeous animal, they are still heavily hunted by humans, particularly in conflicts with ranchers and farmers.

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