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Costa Rica Traditional Food – SODAS Are Where To Go!

Eating local food is without a doubt the best experience of traveling. Costa Rica is no different.  Where to find Costa Rica Traditional Food? A SODA of course!

Costa Rica Traditional Food
Costa Rica Soda

Soda’s are all over the country and the main food they all serve are Casados. You can get one with chicken, fish, beef or vegetarian.

food in costa rica
Chicken Casada

But the best part! It’s less than $10 a dish. Does it get any better than that?

Where to Find Authentic Costa Rica Traditional Food


3 thoughts on “Costa Rica Traditional Food – SODAS Are Where To Go!

  1. Never been to Costa Rica, I heard lots of good stuff there, hopefully I can visit the country one day and try that Chicken Casada, Looks really delicious… 🙂

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