Tico Style Coffee: Traditional Costa Rican Coffee (Chorreador)


making tico style coffee with a vie

I really enjoy going to different places and trying different coffees, but more so, of the way, the coffees are made. That to me is so much fun. Today we’re going to be talking about Costa Rican-style coffee. How do they make their coffee?

For instance, you know when you go to Turkey, there’s a certain way that they make their Turkish coffee. If you go to Mexico, the cafe de olla.

Costa Rica Style Coffee

There are all these different styles of coffee in Costa Rica, and they have them as well. It’s called chorreador. If you go into a Tico household, pretty much every Tico household will have one of these. You could also find them in restaurants as well, especially local Costa Rican-style restaurants and also coffee shops.

How Costa Rican Makes Their Coffee?

What is this? A wooden stand that has the actual filter made of cloth there, the cloth is called a sock or bolsa.

So you boil the water separately, you put the ground-up coffee inside the sock or bolsa, not instant but good ground coffee inside, and then you put your cup underneath, so you slowly pour the boiling water over.

This air, the actual act of it is called chorreando, and that’s where that name comes from, is how you pour the coffee.

traditional costa rican style coffee maker on top of a table


It’s a really cool way of drinking it and getting your coffee, but the interesting thing is it really gives it a different flavor. I personally enjoy the flavor a lot more, and I would really do this a lot more. It’s just, you know, it’s a time-consuming thing, but if you have a chance, especially when you’re in Costa Rica, give it a taste.  But it’s really different. It’s really cool to watch the process, and that alone is the experience of having and drinking and enjoying the coffee.

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Last Updated on September 30, 2023

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