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Expat Resources – Podcasts in Costa Rica

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podcasts in costa rica

I got a great email from a reader wanting to learn more about Costa Rica. Especially through podcasts and online radio stations.

I’ve come up with a list of the more active and information filled sites.

Podcasts in Costa Rica

This week in Costa Rica
Their description: “Whether you are considering life in Costa Rica or finalizing your plans to make the move, the discussions, mentoring and Q&A will help you get the best results.”

Costa Rica Podcasts
Description: This is a website that is constantly looking for podcast episodes from different websites and blogs. In all of them, the topic of being an expat in Costa Rica was discussed.

Becoming an Expat
Description: It isn’t a podcaste dedicated to Costa Rica. But it does have many episodes where they disculls living in the country. All it takes is a quick search.

There are plenty more, however, I’ve listened to some others. You will also find a ton of other websites and bloggers that have included one podcast about Costa Rica living on there. However, since they don’t really specialize only in Costa Rica or expat living they are more general and quick. But some are still worth listening to.

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