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Cost-Effective Philippines Tour – Tips for Cheap Travel

Philippines is a country of island, sea-beach, hills, volcano, reef, century old Spanish fortresses and many more. The Philippines is like a heaven to the travelers around the world. If you like islands with turquoise water, then Philippines should be the first country to visit. Today, we will discuss how you can explore Philippines with a limited budget.How you can save money when going on a Philippines Tour and on the rest of your vacation in this Asian country.Learn about Philippines Tour.

Philippines Tour

Cost-Effective Philippines Tour

The cheapest month to fly Philippines is January. You can book flight three months prior to your journey to get the lowest fare. You can also keep an eye for promo fares on airline websites. The weather here is versatile, so you have to pack accordingly.

As a budget traveler, public transportation will be your first priority. You can ride vehicles like, buses, habal-habal (motorcycle), tricycles, etc. depending on the situation. Jeepney ride is also common and cheap at the same time. It will cost around 20-50 cents per ride. Moreover, the Filipino people are tourist-friendly, so you can save money by hitchhiking sometimes. You can also avail free shuttle services in many cities.

In terms of inter-island visiting, the ferry is the key. There are some long-distance buses running across some of the biggest islands like Luzon, but you will end up on a ferry. Similarly, flights will exceed your budget, so it is best to stick to ferries. You can easily book ferry tickets via 2go online booking. Ro-ro or roll-on or roll-off, ships have partnered buses for cheaper inter-island travel. Moreover, you can hire boat in a group when necessary.

Now, it is time to find accommodation. Pension houses are best for bag packers and it will cost only $5-$10 per night. You can sleep in a hammock for less than five dollars in many hostels or for free on the beach. Similarly, dorm beds cost as little as $5 per night providing Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Correspondingly, local guesthouses and shacks on the beach are cheaper than a hostel. Couch surfing is a way to meet local people and save accommodation cost.

Next step is to provide food at affordable prices. Filipino foods like lumpia (fried spring roll), pancit (fried noodles), or halo-halo dessert often costs less than a dollar. You can easily try street foods which will cost $1 for a plate of tasty mystery meat. On the other hand, it will be a wise decision to stock food essentials and drinks rather than going to a cafe every time.

Philippines is a cash-based country. Philippine pesos will give you an advantage against local sellers.

The Philippines have plenty of free attractions like parks and boulevards. You can easily take advantage of photo opportunities in Museums and national parks which only require small entrance fees.

Finally, you can save money if you temporarily travel with a group. During this pandemic situation, you must not forget to wear masks and use hand sanitizer. You have to carry a first aid kit and some necessary medicines in case of emergency.

I believe these suggestions will help you plan your trip in a cost-effective way. So, what are you waiting for?

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