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The Cordless Travel Buddy

If you have a smartphone, regardless of it being an iphone or android you know you horrible it is to be traveling around and not being able to depend on an app on your phone or to use the camera because you ran out of battery. That’s why I always carry around my charger but it is really annoying how tangled it gets, especially if you are carrying other chargers with you.In this article you will be able to learn all about the travel Buddy and how it can make your trips even better.

travel buddy

Luckily someone out there thought of an extremely tiny (perfect for throwing in your bag) iphone charger that you can use without having to use a cable. You simply plug it in the wall and dock your phone over it.

It also comes with a USB port that you can use if you need to charge anything else, plus it is compatible with ipad minis too.

This is still a project on Kick Starter but I think it is a really cool device that can benefit a lot of people whether they travel a lot of not. Go to their Kick Starter to learn more about the Cordless Travel Buddy.

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