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Best Lights for Camping and Outdoors: Cordless LED Work Light Review

Cordless LED Work Lighting the outside of a home

When we go family camping or spend time outdoors, especially living in Central America, we are always on a race with time before the sunsets.

Even during the longest day of the year, the sun sets in the tropics around 6:30 pm. There are no such things as evenings here.

So what does this usually mean?

It means we need to trudge along with us a ton of flashlights, and other lights if we want to stay out longer than that. And frankly, I’m not into even more gear than we already take with two kids and a dog.

Cordless LED Work Light Review

I have no idea how I stumbled on to this gem – the Cordless LED Work Light, but it’s one of those gadgets that you look at and say:

“Where have you been all my life!”

And that’s no exaggeration.

This incredible light is quite small, probably the size of a paperback book. Weighs around 1.5 pounds.

You can attach it to your belt and carry it along.

woman carrying a light easy to carry on your pants, light flashlight - Cordless LED Work Light

But the most incredible part of it all, is you charge it thru a USB port that lasts for hours and hours.

charging a cordless LED light using a laptop

It’s waterproof – I’m still a bit nervous to fully check this out. But I have used it in the rain, and it worked great.

Confession – the light is so bright that we’ve started to use it in our house because it saves us money on electricity. I know, it’s crazy, but if it works, why not?

It has several light options you can choose from:

  1. The blinding light
  2. Bright, regular light
  3. Emergency blinking red/blue light

cordless led light - emergency lights, sos lights

I never leave home without it anymore. I can even charge it while driving somewhere with a regular charger.

About the Company

LOFTEK is a company that specializes in the development, design, and manufacturing of LED lighting products and other consumer electronics. It was founded in 2009 in San Jose, California.

Their products are meant to be used for décor, home security, professionals, and outdoor use.

Contact Information

Twitter: @Loftek_direct
Instagram: @loftek_official

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