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Cool Camping Gadgets You Can Take With You While In The Great Outdoors

Camping can be so much fun and refreshing. Most times, when you start camping, you get addicted to it. You will want to go camping every time you have time. You, therefore, need camping gear that is durable so that you can use it over and over again. Four of the camping gadgets that I recommend to take with you the next time go on an adventure.Here, you will find list of camping gadgets

Here are some really cool camping gadgets that you can take on adventures

Cool Camping Gadgets

1. Apricoat

This is an adventure coat designed for camping even in the harshest climatic place. It has a climate shell which is an insulation system that keeps you warm when it’s really cold and cool when you are in hot environments.

It is super breathable and ultra light. It has lots of pockets that are custom made into different sizes to fit different gadgets and waterproof too. It also has a differential weight distribution that makes you feel like you are not carrying anything when the pockets are fully loaded with stuff.

The jacket has a built in harness which can carry up to 400 pounds just in case you get stuck in the bottom of a mountain and you need to be pulled up. Apricoat is fitted with a GPS just in case you get lost. All you have to do is press a button which goes straight to a helicopter.

2. Chameleon backpack

This backpack converts into a comfy chair. What’s more impressive is that the backpack still holds all of your stuff when you convert it to a chair. It’s also a great traveling bag for carry-on luggage because it meets all the FAA standards. It has lashing buckles to carry larger items like fishing poles and compound bows. Sometimes it’s hard to balance the right fishing gear with fitting it all in your pack. These backpacking fishing poles help you out to tackle and manage the fishing kits. Also you can check out this backpacking and hiking guide so that you know the best gear to carry when camping outdoors. You never have to buy another piece of crappy gear again. 

3. The shape shifter hat

It has a bendable wire that is also durable which bends and holds to any shape. It is strong enough that it can’t break even after multiple bends. This hat can’t bend or fold in wind even if you are sticking your head out of a window of a truck as it moves at a speed of 65 miles per hour. It’s wide enough to keep the rain out of your face and you can’t get your hair wet since it’s completely waterproof. It also floats and can bend into any shape you like while you are camping so that it can fit even into small pockets.

4. Monowheel cart

If you are planning on carrying so much weight for camping, it’s best to use a monowheel cart. It can carry up to 200 pounds over sand and tough terrain. It has a wide, non slip tire that allows you to travel further off the road. It maximizes storage such that heavier gear is put inside the wheel where it stays stationary. Simply put your camping gear or bear cans inside the custom bag provided that doubles as a cooler which fits perfectly inside the wheel.

To sum it all up, these are some of the coolest inventions for outdoors camping so far. However, some may be pricey so go for something that is within your budget. They are all designed to make your camping experience easier, more comfortable and worthwhile. Most of the items here are multipurpose and all of them are durable. Besides, you may also need an outdoor GPS tracking to make your camping safe. All the best as you look forward to your next camping.

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