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Cook Hall Atlanta Georgia: A Date Night You Must Try

Atlanta has become a culinary city of delight for my husband and I, we visited Flip Burguer Boutique. And a city of firsts. Interestingly enough, after visiting places such as Boston or New York City, which are supposed to be known for their gastronomy, I can honestly say, they have nothing on Atlanta. But I found Cook Hall Atlanta and this’s my review.

So why a city of firsts? I know I’m behind the times in some things. And I’m definitely not afraid to admit it. But my husband and I never visited a restaurant that specializes in gastropub. As a matter of fact until my search for a unique eating experience, I never even heard of the term.

So when Cook Hall Atlanta Restaurant kept on coming up on my radar due to great reviews on every possible ‘places to eat in Atlanta’ searches, and finding out it is a gastropub place, I quickly reserved a table for us.

We got a lot more than we ever expected.

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date night at Cook Hall Atlanta Georgia

Cook Hall Restaurant Review

Why Cook Hall Atlanta is a Must-Visit for Places to Eat in Atlanta? – Not Only the Food

Cook Hall is located in Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. This seems to be a hot spot for some of the best restaurants in Atlanta. The restaurant is located inside the W Atlanta Hotel, so when you pull up, you leave your car with the valet there. The first three hours are free.

Unlike a lot of restaurants that are part of hotels that seem to strictly depend on the hotel’s clientele, this restaurant felt like a completely separate entity. And by the looks of the people visiting, it didn’t strike me to be hotel patrons at all. And that is a great sign, at least for me.

What is a gastropub?

If I understand it correctly, it’s similar to what the Spanish call Tapas, which is kind of like finger food. However, not at all in that style. What makes it special and why gastropub is definitely the food for us is because it is smaller portions, allowing you to order a lot more variety of food and not get filled up as fast.

But the best part, we visited the restaurant when Bojan, the beverage manager, was working. And, take my advice on this, ask for recommendations of what the best drinks are to go with the different plates you order. Bojan was born for this. He is one of the most passionate people I have ever met. More than half the cocktail menu is his personal creations, which he works on his time off – kind of like a cocktail laboratory. He certainly has some of the most unique drinks out there.

Plus, he is a sommelier, and with every main dish, we followed his advice for different wines which simply worked great together. Literally, asking for his recommendations will make your meal that much more richer and three-dimensional.

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Photo Experience of a Gastropub Dinner at Cook Hall in Buckhead, Atlanta

The menu is updated often, keeping it fresh and creative. There are so many choices, that it’s comforting to know the portions are small (super affordable) so you can go nuts ordering more than you normally would.


Marinated Olives, Focaccia & Hummus


Deviled Eggs with Gulf Blue Crab

DEVILED EGGS WITH GULF BLUE CRAB from cook hall restaurant in atlanta georgia

Popcorn Shrimp with real popcorn as part of the crust

popcorn shrimp from the cook hall restaurant in atlanta ga

Crispy Duck Taco, Chipotle Coleslaw

CRISPY DUCK TACO, CHIPOTLE COLESLAW at cook hall buckhead atlanta

Main Dishes – even the dishes themselves aren’t your typical-sized plates. Allowing us to get some yummy sides too.

Grilled Wagyu Flat Iron, Avocado, Salsa Verde & Lime


Slow Roasted Winter Flounder, Spiced Bok Choy, Citrus Soy


Side Dishes

Caramelized Cauliflower, Hummus


Pimento Mac & Cheese


Dessert – Can’t resist

Butterscotch Pudding


Cinnamon Doughnuts, Rhubarb-Lager Jam


Now stop staring and, when in Atlanta, make sure to visit and have a taste for yourself.

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