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Converting Word to PDF Files: Here’s How to Do It

There’s a lot of advantages of using a PDF file over an MS Word file. One edge of PDF is that it can be used in different software and operating systems without its form and quality getting altered. When it comes to size, a PDF also doesn’t take up much space in your storage.Indeed, there are many reasons why you should convert Word files to PDFs. But the question is how to Converting Word to PDF file?

Moreover, PDF is now a standard format for many digital documents in many industries. Indeed, there are many reasons why you should convert Word files to PDFs. But the question is how to convert a Word document to a PDF file?

Well, you can find tools and software on the internet that allow you to create a PDF file out of a Word document. Take note of this guide if you want to know more about it.

Converting Word to PDF Files

GogoPDF as Your Go-To Word to PDF Converter

Do you need a word convert to pdf tool? If yes, you should use one of the best online converters right now. Yes, I’m talking about GogoPDF.

GogoPDF is an incredible web-based suite that enables users to create, edit, scan, and convert PDF files. This tool is perfect for students, employees, and business people who often have to deal with electronic documents. The goal of the makers of GogoPDF is to deliver the best experience to its users.

Upsides of Using GogoPDF

Using GogoPDF to turn your Word documents into PDF files has many advantages. Here are the upsides of using this online tool.

Quick Processing

Unlike most online converters, GogoPDF turns your Word file to PDF in just under a minute. That’s how fast this web-based tool is! So, if you’re short on time and you need to do a Word to PDF conversion for a presentation, use GogoPDF.

Compatible with Multiple Platforms

The GogoPDF online converter works with operating systems, such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. It’s also compatible with major internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Highly Accurate Web-Based Converter

Don’t worry about issues like not being able to transfer crucial data to a new PDF document when using this online converter. Using GogoPDF, it’s a guarantee that the content, fonts, columns, tables, lists, and graphics of the Word document will be preserved after converting it into PDF.

Your Privacy is in Good Hands

Many people often think twice before using a tool that they find online because they’re afraid for the security and privacy of their data. But, when using GogoPDF, you can assure that your data is protected. The documents you upload on the site will be removed after an hour.

No Software Installation Required

There’s no need for you to sign up or install a program on your device since this online converter fully operates in your internet browser. The entire process is online and the actions are saved in the Cloud. So, it’s fast, safe, and very convenient.

Steps to Converting Word to PDF Using This Online Converter

Now that you know the pros of using the GogoPDF converter, let’s learn the step-by-step process of how to use it.

  1. Go to and click on the Word to PDF tool among the selection of tools that you see on the homepage.
  2. Clicking on the tool will direct you from the homepage to the Word to PDF converter page. There’s a “Select Files” button in the center of the screen. Click on it to obtain the Word file from your device. Another option is to drag-and-drop the document on the converter box.
  3. After you’ve uploaded the Word document on the website, it will automatically start the conversion process. Just wait for a few seconds to finish.
  4. Once the conversion process is finished, your new PDF file will be displayed on the screen. Click on the Download button to start saving it on your device. You can also copy the link and share it with your connections on your social media pages.


The internet offers you different versions of tools that can convert Word documents to PDF files. But if you’re looking for a free, safe, and quick way to convert Word to PDF files, you should use the GogoPDF online converter.

With this web-based Word to PDF converter, the entire conversion process can be done in just a few clicks. You don’t need to sign up or install a program on your device since everything is done online. The tool is also compatible with various operations systems. If you want to try this online converter, just go to

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