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What You Should Consider When Buying an Electric Bike

Getting a road regal e-bike can allow you to get some exercise on your daily commute, enjoy some fresh air as you travel, and even give up your daily driver car. There are a lot of electric bikes out there, so you will want to consider the factors below to get the bike that will work best for you. According to Alek Asaduryan, founder of YesCycling, these are the five most important aspects to consider when Buying an Electric Bike. 

Buying an Electric Bike

What to Look for When Buying an Electric Bike


Where are you going to ride it? If you’re going from apartment to office, you may be better off with a commuter bike or even a folding e-bike that you can easily stash in a locker or under your desk. In this case, look for a step-through design that you can easily get on and off of in dressier work clothing.

If you plan to take it out on the weekend to get away from it all and explore the natural world in your area, a mountain e-bike or electric road bike for longer rides may be the best option. No matter where you plan to take your e-bike, invest in the proper safety gear to protect yourself from accidents and to make your bike as visible as possible.

Distance Per Trip

How far will you drive one way or before you can stop and charge up the battery? The determination of how much battery range you need is actually quite complex. If you’re a standard-sized person and have a 36-volt battery, be prepared to charge up after 15 miles. If you’re heavier, are planning to ride in rough or hilly terrain, or intend to rely on the battery for most of your power, your range will be smaller.

There are e-bikes that have a range of up to 100 miles, but the conditions have to be right. If you know that there’s going to be nothing but a campsite at the end of your ride, consider carrying a second charged battery or investing in a solar panel and power storage combination that will fit easily on your back for your camping adventure.


If you’re tall, you’re probably a bit heavier than the average rider. Luckily, there are many e-bikes that are ideally suited for tall and/or heavy riders Consider customization like longer seat cushions, taller handlebars, and fat tires for best comfort and least risk. Make sure to check the weight tolerance before you buy; too much pressure on the frame can put you at risk of bending or breakage. However, if getting fitter and losing weight is your goal, you can probably find a bike to suit your height and weight.

For example, the Addmotor MOTAN is designed like a chopper motorcycle, making it ideal for someone over 6 feet and with a tolerance of 300 pounds. Not only will you have plenty of room to stretch your arms forward, but there’s plenty of room to stretch your legs forward and pedal fully without compressing your knees too much. You will be seated directly over the back tire, but the designers of this bike added a shield to protect you from getting splashed or spattered.

A Little Help or a Lot of Speed?

Do you just want some help on the hills or are you planning to sit back and ride? If you prefer pedal-assist bikes you have a lot of options. If you plan on a long ride, setting the pedal assist at the lowest setting can give you a little help for a longer time.

However, if you have to ride in high heat or simply can’t pedal constantly, a throttle option is a good choice. For example, if you’ve recently had knee work done and need to pedal, then take a break, then pedal again, a throttle assist will help you meet your fitness goals and protect that new knee.


What’s your budget? If you’re looking for a fun weekend toy, it may be hard to justify the expense of purchasing an electric bike. However, as modern e-bikes cost between $1000 and $5000 in most cases, using one as a replacement for your car suddenly looks like a very good financial decision.

For example, let’s say you own a paid-for car. Even without a car payment, you have to pay for

  • insurance: let’s say $100 a month
  • taxes: let’s say $300 a year
  • gas: estimate $50 a month
  • maintenance and inspections: budget $50 a month

That’s $1200 plus $300 plus $600 plus $600 to keep a paid-for car on the road per year. Even the most expensive e-bike on the market will pay for itself in two years. How much more will you save with your e-bike? You’ll get daily exercise, which can be a struggle to make time for. You’ll get stress relief as you pedal your cares away. Even if you have to Uber a few days of the year due to weather, your bike will still be a great investment.

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