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Connect With Your Buddies with Monkey Moves Game

Some games are just the cutest. And this one is definitely one of them.

I love when my son and his little buddies connect in other ways other than minecraft or wii while hanging out at home.

There seem to be less and less games that are fun, entertaining and can literally be placed in the back pocket of your pants.

Andddd, get you moving and groving with your buds.

Monkey Moves is a small pack of cards with a ton of fun moves that make you do funny positions.

But also, from listening to the boys play there is a lot of trusting each other which is an invaluable skill that I wasn’t aware they can learn from a game.

monkey moves game product review

About the Company and Founder

Monkey Moves was created by a young girl named Larissa. She put together all of her passions and came up with a fun game. Its mission is to tear your eyes away from screens and make you have so much fun that you never want to go back.

About the Game

This is a card game that will keep you active and entertained for hours. Monkey Moves allows you to test your trust, coordination, and ability to have fun. The main idea of the game is to draw a car and to mimic what the illustration of the monkey on it is doing.

The cards come separated into three levels so you can work your way up. The higher the level of the move, the more points you get.

This game is great for developing strength, flexibility, trust, balance, and more.

What’s included 

The deck includes 33 cards, 11 of each level.

The Purpose 

No equipment. No experience. No electronics.

This game involves moving, so they even included a suggested warm-up on their website. Find it here.

The Benefits of this Game

  • Get your whole body moving!
  • Build strength, flexibility, and balance
  • Hone gross motor skills
  • Build confidence in yourself and your body
  • Learn to trust in yourself AND your partner
  • Practice perseverance and resilience as you fall and try again
  • Practice positive physical interactions with others
  • Learn to communicate using your voice AND your body, even upside-down
  • Use teamwork to decide how to approach each new Monkey Move


Instagram: @monkeymovesgame
Facebook: Monkey Moves Game

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Connect With Your Buddies with Monkey Moves Game

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