Reasons to Go to a Concerts In New Zealand: It Can Be Very Exciting!

If you are traveling through New Zealand or you are lucky enough to live there, you will not be disappointed with everything that this spectacular country has to offer. The eyes will have plenty to look at on a daily basis, from the vineyards and countryside to the mountains and the many beaches. These offer the perfect setting for many different kinds of activities such as sporting activities, cultural events, festivals, and of course concerts. Take a look at this blog post to learn all of the reasons why going to concerts while traveling in New Zealand is a great thing to do.

concert in New Zealand
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About New Zealand

If you are looking for a diverse country, New Zealand will be the best place for you. There are many types of tourist attractions as well as activities that are more on the adventurous side of things. The coastlines are endless, with beaches of all shapes and sizes. The other landscapes are perfect for rock hounds and the rushing rivers lead the way through the magnificent mountains.

Music In New Zealand

One of the most popular items that New Zealand has to offer is music. There are many local productions and concerts that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. You will find that there are several different types of concert venues located throughout New Zealand, but the one thing that most of them have in common is that there are outdoor concerts and are usually held in vineyards, parks, and gardens. Some may even be sponsored by local councils and will not cost you anything to get in.

If you visit at the right time during the year, you may be lucky enough to experience a great New Zealand musical event. The largest city in New Zealand is Auckland. This is the sight of many free big concerts over the summer season. It is not uncommon for somewhere close to 200,000 people to attend. For more information on these types of concerts, you can check with the Tourist Information Centers.

Another popular place to see a concert is Mt. Smart Stadium. This is a very unique venue that offers a place for several different types of events and functions. The venue is easily accessible from the Southern Motorway and the Auckland airport, so you can get to your concert of choice without a problem. Mt. Smart Stadium is located on a large area of land that offers plenty of seating for the venue as well as parking. Upcoming concert events include the Eagles and the Foo Fighters. Neither of these concerts will leave you disappointed.


If you live in New Zealand or you are just traveling to visit, you will find that there is plenty to keep you busy. The concert scene is alive and well, you may even get backstage at some concerts!. You will be able to find several free concert productions as well as larger concert events. For the larger events, it is recommended that you purchase your tickets online before the concert date. Many of the bigger shows will sell out quickly. Once you have your tickets in hand, enjoy yourself and have a great time! You will not be disappointed.

Last Updated on May 19, 2022

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