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Common Questions About Sacramento River Rafting

While Los Angeles is the first city that comes to mind when you think about traveling to California, Sacramento is the state capital. It is an area rooted in the rich history of the Gold Rush, but it has become a booming city that has found the perfect mix between the new and old. The Old Sacramento Downtown is visited by 4.3 million people annually. White water rafting and what Sacramento River Rafting has to offer for adventurers. Here, you will learn all about Sacramento River Rafting.

Several tourists visit the city to enjoy a White Water Rafting in Sacramento, CA. Blessed with natural wonders, Sacramento sits right at the confluence where the American River and Sacramento River meet.

Sacramento River Rafting

Those are mighty rivers with plenty of rapids that cater to amateur and professionals alike. Families looking for a different kind of adventure would love white water rafting activities. There are plenty of tour agencies with rafting packages that are tailored for young kids and adrenaline fanatics.

Sacramento River Rafting Q&A

Why Do People Call it Whitewater Rafting?

The term came from the foam that is formed by the rapids. Whitewater was first used to describe the violent turbulence where the river seems to turn white. However, the word has since become the generic term for river rafting activities.

Is Whitewater Rafting Safe?

Nothing is 100% safe. Even the most experienced adrenaline enthusiasts will sometimes meet with an accident. When you go on a White Water Rafting Family Trip in Sacramento, CA, river rafting companies go beyond the safety standards required of them by regulatory agencies. Since there are children involved, they are extra careful. They have more stake in ensuring your safety. They have to make sure everybody has a good time and goes home in one piece. River rafting might be an experience for you, but for these companies, it is their livelihood.

 What Are the Rapid Classifications in Sacramento?

 You have two mighty rivers as your play area, so you have plenty of options from the more laid-back rafting experience to an adrenaline rush.

Here are some of the levels of rapids:

Level 1 – It is a relaxing ride all the way. The rubber boat will move along with the current of the calm water.

Level 2 — The ride gets faster. You will see three-foot-tall waves, and the rubber boat will start to sway. You may be required to paddle in some areas.

Level 3 — You will now encounter four-foot waves. The passages get narrower, and the rubber boat will now bob up and down the rapids. You can also expect the water to gush over the rubber boat.

Level 4 — Now it gets extra challenging. The rapids are getting longer and more difficult. The passages even get narrower, if that is even possible. This is the time when teamwork is needed because it requires precise paddling to maneuver out of the obstacles.

Level 5 – It is like level 4, but crank it up several notches. Although there are areas in the rivers classified as level 5, only a few companies offer those kinds of tours.

Lastly, when you go on a river rafting trip, the company provides everything. You only need to wear swim clothes, sandals, and sunscreen. Also, do not forget to listen to the safety instructions before the start of your adventure.

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