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5 Common Camping Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Camping is one of the best and most popular family or friends bonding activities. It gives you a chance to leave the city and get in touch with nature. The experience you get, especially if you are a beginner, determines whether you will try it again or give it up. Ideally, many things can go wrong on your trip. While some of these mistakes are beyond your control, most of them are things that you can control.

For this reason, before you start packing for your camping trip to a destination such as CampingPursuits, it is important to discover some of the common mistakes that other people have made before and know how to evade them. Below are some of these mistakes to watch out for and avoid ruining your family camping trip.

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5 Camping Mistakes

Bring The Wrong-Sized Tent

Ideally, the tent is one of the most important items that you have with you on your trip. The kind of shelter that you have determines how comfortable you will be on the trip. With this in mind, be on the lookout for a tent that is neither too big nor too small.

Before you buy the tent, ensure that you have seen it fully assembled to have a clear picture of the amount of space it has. This way, you will avoid spending money on a tent that will later frustrate you. Other factors that you should look for in the shelter are quality, style, and ease of setup. Ensure that you make each of these considerations to help you get a tent that will not make you leave the campsite before the planned date.

Bringing All-New Gadgets

When planning for a family camping trip, you may want to purchase all new camping equipment to avoid inconveniences from the older ones that you could have. However, arriving at the camping site with all-new gadgets, you have not tried out before could cause more harm than good.

Struggling to set them up with no idea of how to go about it may make your camping trip one of the worst experiences that you have ever had. For this reason, if there are some new elements that you need to buy for use in the camp, do it several days before leaving for the field. That will give you ample time to try them out and understand how each of them works.

Packing Without A-List

Regardless of whether you love packing, you need to be perfect when it comes to packing for a camping trip. Wrong packing will make you have the worst experience on the journey where you expected to have some time to relax. To avoid this, ensure that you have a packing list that will guide you on the items to pack.

In case packing is not one of your best activities, you can ask somebody to make a list for you, and your task is only to pack what is on the list. This way, you are sure to avoid over-packing or under-packing, as they could both have serious repercussions.

Wrong Storage Of Food

When camping with teens, you need to remember that animals could be around your camping site. If your camping food is not properly stored, you risk having animals feed on it when you are away from the camping site. For instance, if your diet is left lying in the tent, animals such as bears among others will find their way in and cause a nightmare.

Therefore, get the right ways to store the food, such as hanging it on trees. It is also advisable that you follow the regulations of the camping site you visit on how to store the food. If you’re fond of brewing your own coffee while camping, you might want to try and find out for yourself if using coffee grounds to keep deer away really does work, as it is believed to deter insects and other unwanted animals as well.

Having Inadequate Lighting

The camping trip will have even more memorable moments if you have activities that you will be doing at night. However, this is possible only if you bring along adequate lighting. Therefore, ensure that you carry a camping lantern or a head torch that will provide light without you holding it. When camping, do not rely on your phone’s touch, as this will drain its battery faster. Additionally, ensure that you have backup power for your light sources and other electric elements that you have, such as phones.

If everything unfolds as you planned, a camping trip is an incredible way to help you recharge and break from the usual. Luckily, it is possible to make this happen by learning the most common mistakes made and avoiding them. Evade the camping mistakes above and make your next camping trip in control.

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