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The Importance of Having Comfortable Shoes During a Trip

How great is it to kick off your heels and put on comfy shoes that are still stylish. I’m not a big heel wearer but I do love comfy shoes. When traveling the majority of the shoes I wear are a bit bulky, less feminine.  And packing travel shoes, along with going-out shoes can take up way too much room.  Reading other travel bloggers I kept bumping into posta about Ballet Flats and thought I’d give them a shot.

I found Backup Soles. They have so many different colors and cool designs that I couldn’t resist in getting a few different ones right away.

comfortable shoes - ballet flats
Tons of colors to play with

Backup Soles are meant to be an easy way to relief yourself from uncomfortable shoes. They are so compact and lightweight that can be carried everywhere. Their Rollable Ballet Flats are comfortable shoes come with a large reusable bag where heels or any other shoes can be put away and a small pouch for the flats.

ballet flats - travel shoes

My Take on It

I love how compact they are. They roll up into tiny balls and take up very little space. The different colors go with many different outfits. I wouldn’t say they are very elegant, but to go out while traveling to a fun restaurant they are just right.

The soles, however, are extremely thin and you will feel everything at the bottom. My recommendation would be mainly to walk around carpeted floors or tiled floors in your hotel room or house rental. And to go near by for dinner.

Contact and Information for Backup Soles

Once you get to their website be careful not to throw each shoe into our shopping cart. It’s tempting.


4 thoughts on “The Importance of Having Comfortable Shoes During a Trip

  1. The footwear is very important for any activity in life. It must be very take into account the type of shoes that we are going to carry our vacation without stop thinking in comfort and style.

  2. Give Tieks a try! I absolutely love these ballet flat and they too fold up. Very convenient for packing and the soles are thicker with quite a bit of cushion.

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