Coconut Crew Camp at The Breakers, Palm Beach (Fun for Kids)

I won’t beat around the bush. What makes a great stay at a family resort? Plenty of kid’s activities and freedom for the parents, and that’s what exactly this resort offers. Here’s a list of fun family activities at The Breakers in Palm Beach.

family at the breakers palm beach

Ironically enough, up to this point, my kids always chose to hang out with their mama and papa over all the cool activities that some resorts or even cruises offer. I know, I should be so thankful that my children still want to spend time with me rather than run off and do their own thing.

But once in a while, it’s really fun to have an adult conversation at a meal rather than be constantly interrupted or be whined to. I can guarantee that all parents will agree with me on this one.

Family Activities At The Breakers Palm Beach

The Breakers Palm Beach offers so many wonderful kid’s activities that we decided to give it a try. Coconut Crew day camp was the chosen activity. This way, my husband and I could enjoy a peaceful buffet breakfast at the famous The Circle restaurant.

Coconut Crew Activities and Fun

Of course, on the day of camp, my kids decide to sleep in. Every day for the past month they are up at the crack of dawn, and today of all days, I woke them up at 8:30, so they can get breakfast, in-room service, and head on their merry way.

room service at the breakers palm beach fl

The camp is located in the Family Entertainment building, which has tons of activities. However, it’s the girls that won us over. Immediately they greeted my kids and swept them away without me even realizing it.

Meanwhile, while registering them, I’m telling the lady in charge that I’m sure my baby will be calling for me within the next 30 minutes and acting all paranoid. The next time I saw them, my kids were after their lunch. In other words, they had a blast.

As we left, we saw the boys doing tricks and monkey bars at the playground as we sneaked away, with me still anticipating a phone call from the camp administrator.

playground at the breakers palm beach

When we arrived to pick them up, they showed us all the cool things they did, from masks to scavenger hunts. Plus, the group was an international bunch, with a little girl from France and two boys from Norway. None of them could speak English, yet were able to communicate with one another on kid’s terms. That to me was the highlight of it all, besides giving us three hours of tranquility.

Coconut Crew Camp fun for the boys at the breakers florida

Breakfast for Adults – Elegance and Fine Dining – Enjoyed and Savored

What does freedom look, sound and smell like for you? For me, on this particular day, my view was one of the most grandiose dining rooms I’ve ever been to.

The Circle Room at The Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach, Florida

And my nose was inhaling the delicious scents of a breakfast buffet.

buffet from The Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach, Florida -

And what I listened to was the chef explain to me what he’ll be putting in my omelet. The best of all, I had the chance to listen to and participate in a normal, back-and-forth conversation with my husband while trying out all the yummy food and drinking my morning tea.

omelet chef The Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach, Florida

Information about Coconut Crew Camp

You have several different options for the camp. But if you want to do stuff with the kids, you can find lots of activities for families to do together, as well.

November 1 – November 26

Standard rates:           Full Day           $95

Half Day          $75

Night Camp     $75

November 27 – November 30

Holiday rates:              Full Day           $125

Half Day          $90

Night Camp     $90

December 1 – December 19

Standard Rates:           Full Day           $95

Half Day          $75

Night Camp     $75

December 20 – January 3

Holiday Rates:             Full Day           $125

Half Day          $90

Night Camp     $90

There are tons of activities to do with your children or let them go at it alone. Check the schedule to see what is available when you are visiting.

The Breakers Palm Beach – Review for Family Activities

Last Updated on September 23, 2023

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  1. That’s great your kids could play with other kids without speaking English! A lovely trip! Thanks for sharing!

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