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Coast vs Countryside: Holiday Lodge Showdown

When choosing where to take your next break, it’s important to consider all your options, such as the type of accommodation you’re staying in, and its location. 

Arguably, one of the greatest ways to holiday in the UK is in a lodge, where you can experience the beauty of nature from a pet-friendly, luxury environment. What’s more, there are lodges for sale up and down the country that could take your staycation to the next level – allowing you to escape to the coast or countryside whenever you’d like. 

But, where is best for you to purchase or rent a lodge to enjoy the ultimate breakaway? Read on to find out more. 

countryside houses near a lake


Firstly, we’re going to take a trip to the edge of the country, where the sand and stones meet the sea and salty waves dance towards the shore. Not a lot can beat the sound of the ocean crashing or the feeling of watching the sunset over the horizon, and when picking a coastal location for your lodge holiday, you can enjoy the sun-soaked shores anytime you’d like. That is, considering the sun is actually out, which can be hit-and-miss in the UK – meaning that some beachside activities may be seasonal. 

However, if you’re looking for bustling tourist towns, cliff walks, and lazy days by the beach, then a lodge holiday on the coast might just be for you. 

In addition, most lodges are pet-friendly, so your four-legged friend can join you in all your memory-making, sea-splashing, and sand-digging antics. 

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Next, let’s explore the rolling hills and hidden depths of the countryside, where different shades of green emphasize growing flowers, and changing seasons ensure that the landscape never stays the same. To where you can get a glimpse of wildlife, and escape into the middle of nowhere, exploring nature trails, hikes, and breathtaking views – perfect for the entire family, and your pets. 

Whatever the weather, the countryside offers endless exploration and activities – a hidden retreat that’ll make you feel closer to nature and more grounded than ever before. 

You don’t have to be completely remote, though, as many locations still come surrounded by activities and amenities, local shops and even some tourist attractions (although they might not be as close to your doorstep as they would in a seaside town). 

Despite this, a countryside lodge is a perfect opportunity to unwind, switch off and explore – come rain or shine. 

The showdown

If you’re looking to buy a lodge to rent, the seaside might be a better choice, as it’s generally a more desirable tourist location. This could drive up the price initially, but also allows you to charge more – creating a bigger potential to profit from your investment. 

Despite this, whether you’re buying, renting or buying to rent, the location of your lodge is ultimately down to personal preference, as you’ll want to pick a place that caters to the size of your family, your hobbies and holiday preferences. 

If you’re buying, think about what will suit your longer-term holiday needs. Make sure it’s accessible to you, and there’s enough to explore time and time again. And if you’re renting, pick a lodge that caters to your current needs – as there’s no further commitments to think about. 

Ultimately, when it comes to making the decision of where to spend your next holiday, you’ll know deep down whether it’s the countryside or the coast that takes your fancy. But don’t forget to take into consideration the time of year and activities you might want to do. 

So, if you prefer long walks, hikes and being surrounded by the changing seasons, then a countryside lodge is for you. But if it’s the sounds of the sea that calls you, you know where to go. 

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