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Rock Climbing Indoor Gym with Kids

Top 8 Indoor and Outdoor Rock Climbing Places in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a unique city that supports a wide range of activities, including both indoor and outdoor rock climbing. Thanks to the beautiful rocky landscapes and wonderful canyons, you can take your climbing outside, considering the weather is usually … Continue reading

Where To Go While Looking for an Indoor Climbing Gym in Washington DC Area

Guest post from Brandon Villatoro (The Travel Experta’s Son) Every year we visit the US two times per year. But now with our training schedule for climbing, we have to keep up even when traveling. So when visiting our uncle … Continue reading

How to Put Bolts in Rock Climbing Routes

Guest Post from Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son) 5 Step Process for Putting Bolts in New Rock Climbing Routes Step 1 Find a climbable route and find a way to get to the top of it. Find a tree or … Continue reading

Top 5 Legendary Bouldering Routes for Climbers to Attempt

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s son) Bouldering is my definite first choice for climbing indoor and out door. Here’s a list, in my opinion of: Top 5 Classic and Famous Bouldering Routes in the World Midnight Lightning Boulder … Continue reading

Top 5 Most Legendary and Difficult Climbing Routes

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son) Only a few have mastered, and most aspire. 5 Most Difficult Sport Climbing Routes in the World Action Directe in Frankenjura, Germany It is considered the world’s first 9a (5.14d). This route … Continue reading


Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son) Climbing without chalk is like ice skating without skates. It is impossible. Climbing is an incredibly intensive sport. You sweat a lot. So imagine trying to grab holds with your hands completely … Continue reading

Climbing Safety – The Top Safety Precautions in Climbing

Guest Post by Federico Villatoro (Travel Experta’s husband) I, Federico Villatoro, will be talking about an accident that we recently experienced with Brandon, my son, while climbing at the rock. I will address exactly what happened and I will give … Continue reading

Cute and Furry Climbing Chalk Bags by Crafty Climbing Review

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son) Climbing Chalk Bags are incredibly important in climbing because as the name suggests it is used for keeping chalk. Climbing without chalk is almost impossible so buying the right type of chalk … Continue reading

Why Butora Acro is a Good Choice for Climbing Shoes

The Butora Acro is a great climbing shoe that are mostly good for edging because of their stiffness. I am rating each part of the climbing shoes from one to ten with details The toe box 8/10 I think that … Continue reading

Rest Days – Why They are Important for Climbers

Did you know that resting for a climber isn’t a luxury. It’s a body necessity. Your body needs to recuperate and your muscles need to grow and strengthen. So don’t underestimate a day of rest. Importance of Taking Rest Days … Continue reading

Preparing for a Climbing Competition – What You Need

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son) Before going to a competition there are a few things you need to take in mind to be fully prepared for the competition. Climbing Competition Preparation – What You Need to Know … Continue reading

Preparation for Going to the Rock – The Climbing Equipment You Need

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s son) Going rock climbing is not like going to the gym. You don’t have bathrooms to freely use. No couches to rest on and put your stuff on. No water fountains or a … Continue reading

Kids Climbing Shoes – What to Look for!

My kids are obsessed with climbing. Climbing has always been a small part of their lives because my husband is a climber and has taken them to the rock as they were growing up. We have done climbing trips, with … Continue reading

Climbing in Guatemala – Amatitlan Rock Breakdown

Guest post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s son) Amatitlan and Xela are the biggest and most recommended places for climbing in Guatemala. I will mainly tell you my experience of Amatitlan because I have never been to Xela. But will … Continue reading

All About the Scarpa Drago – Climbing Shoes Review

Guest by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s son) After tons of research, and watching every review under the sun, I finally decided on the Scarpa Drago climbing shoes.  It’s an aggressive performance shoe that is good for hard bouldering and sport … Continue reading

Rock Climbing and Climbing Hostel Birthday Fun

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son) Climbing just got that much more fun in Guatemala! Belay Partners Hostal is a new hostel located right beside the best climbing rock in Amatitlan, Guatemala. Usually, when I want to go … Continue reading

Climbing Terms – Don’t Have a Blank Face at the Rock or Indoor Gym

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s son) This article I am talking about some important climbing terms so that when you hear them you won’t have a blank stare and feel left out: Climbing Terms for Lead Clmbing Every … Continue reading

Skin Care for Climbers – Yes Climbing Hand Care is Different Than the Rest!

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son) I have been using climbOn products for about three months now. At this point I pretty much use it religiously after climbing because, and this was a total surprise to me, I … Continue reading

Our New Climbing Spot – QuboAntigua Climbing Gym

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son) QuboAntigua, a new indoor climbing gym that opened just one week ago is our new never-want-to-leave-place. It’s a bouldering gym that is awesome and not huge. They also double as a restaurant … Continue reading

Tension Board vs Moon Board – Indoor Climbing Gym

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s son) Let’s talk about the Moon Board and the Tension Board. Have you heard of these? They are definitely the latest craze in our indoor climbing gym and a good reason for it. … Continue reading